Wednesday, June 06, 2012

NYC Kiss Gloss in Violet Candy - City Sweets Collection

NYC Kiss Gloss in Violet Candy is my second purchase from the City Sweets limited edition collection (will review the coral gloss, eventually...) and the first KissGloss in the new formula/packaging. While I like the black lid and accent of the tube, the silver print rubs off quite easily compared to the old ones (which is one of my product pet peeves ).
Grape Crush, Violet Candy, Revlon Gumdrop and Lilac Pastelle -Violet candy (a lilac pink that appears more purple on my skin)  is scented like pink bubblegum (sweet but not overly so) and has a light-weight gel texture (the old formula is very tacky and thick) that feels moisturizing and smoothing.
NYC Kiss Gloss in Violet Candy by itself - On my currently darker skin tone, the lilac pink looks my-lips-but-sicker but the smooth, glossy finish makes it forgivable. I suppose it will give a delicate sakura petal pout effect on pale girls.
NYC Kiss Gloss in Violet Candy as a base for Revlon Lip Butter in Gumdrop - The smoothing, light (non-sticky) makes it a great layering piece for lipstick that are too bold or too drying. Overall: Despite the minor packaging flaw, I really like the formula so I will be getting another shade to try (probably another sheer red or bright pink).

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