Sunday, June 03, 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lipstick - An Overview

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lipstick is probably my favorite sheer lipstick formula (even the shades are not that exciting) - Most of them feel light weight, moisturizing and reasonably long-lasting (they don't disappear within an hour). I got 7 (of the 10 available) then gave away one (since pale pink isn't really my shade) so here is a mini round-up on them.

Out of the six shades I own, there are softly shimmer ones (Glisten Up Pink and Mauvilous Shine), glittery ones (Plum Shine, Disco Pink) and ones that contain micro-glitter (Coral Lustre and Fruit Punch), which are noticeable but not as obnoxious as the actual glitter. My favorite two are (of course)...the orange-coral called Coral Lustre and Punchy Reddish Pink (or reddish coral-pink) Fruit Punch - which both have a sorbet color and finish.
Coral Lustre, Fruit Punch, Disco Pink, Glisten Up Pink, Mauvilous Shine, Plum Shine- As you can see from the reviews, most of them wear well except for the deep and glittery Plum Shine (too drying for my winter lips) but harmless when I wore it again early spring. 
Anpther swatch of Plum Shine - I wasn't even that pale (deep purple just throws off my camera's white-balance...)
The glittery disco ball - Disco Pink (which seems a little more doable during spring) 

Anyway, this is all I have so far and I will definitely buy more if they introduced more coral/orange/red in the permanent range.


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