Sunday, June 17, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix, Capitol Colours Collection

Some pictures I snapped while I was at ULTA (now I live dangerously close to one, it's like "I can see ULTA from my house!" ) China Glaze Magnetix has perfectly illustrated that Magnetix is the new It Manicure Bitchface is the new IT face.
Capitol Colours - The main display was cleared out (like a Coach outlet on a Black Friday) before I know it so now all I can see is the mini set. I would have totally bought the flakie (I like big bottles just for the heck of it)...

Despite the vicinity, I actually haven't blown all that much at ULTA, as I found out that the best way to stop myself from spending...not bring any coupons with me when I go (Spending without clipping? My stingy self would have never approved that)... 


  1. Would you be able to share your coupon tips? Especially for drugstore products?

    1. Sure, I will write a post about it (might take me a week or longer though). It would be about drugstore products since high-end don't go on sale (have any coupons) anyway (They are called "prestigious brands" for a reason.)


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