Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sula Natural Lipstick Awake Till Sunrise

orange red lipstick natural
The Sula makeup range is still relatively new in the US market as it was just introduced last fall. Basically, the range consists of a stand-along display which includes eyeshadow (in cream and powder form), cheek tint, powder blush, gloss and lipsticks. Everything in the range is nicely packaged, retails for 8 bucks and most of them ended up being picked over by the customers of ULTA. Of course, I started of my adventure with an orange red lipstick called Awake Till Sunrise.
Sula Natural Lipstick has a hard (non-wobbly) stick that deposit a rich/creamy layer with just a bit of pressure and it comes with sleek (and heavy enough) metal case. The flower accent on the metal case has the same color as the lipstick itself, which was pretty cute, until it got rubbed off (It doesn't take long/much effort if you have sweaty palms like mine)...Initially, the lipstick has a cherry (the pickled one to garnish cocktail, not fresh cherry) smell but it has since faded away and left the waxy (cheap lipstick) smell behind.

Wet n Wild Salsa Lessons, Revlon Coral, Awake Till Sunrise and Stila Lip Glaze Stick Orange- Even though it doesn't look as obvious in the arm swatch, the cherry undertone (which turns it into a punchy pink on my lips) is prominent enough to bring out the ashy part of my skin tone 
Sula Natural Lipstick Awake Till Sunrise by itself (nasty swatch picture, I know...But this is actually the best one I got) . It was very easy to go overboard with the lipstick since the shade is so bold, intense (I don't have any problem with lipsticks being too sheer so I don't give it props for being pigmented) and the texture is so creamy. 

Creamy is probably not the right word. To me, it's more of a wet, slippery, squishy and highly transferable kind of feel that just sits on top of the lips, giving a wet glare and highlight all the dead skin I didn't know I have.
Awake Till Sunrise with Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Balm in Peach Crystal (at least the formula doesn't dissolve super quickly like those 1-dollar lipsticks from elf, Wet n Wild, NYC and Essence...) 
A more recent picture (from yesterday...which was perfectly warm and not even a bad lips day) to show you that it does indeed look horrible on me most of the time.
I tried to blot of the waxy glare...and most of the lipstick just got blotted away. I don't like the look of stains lips (bold, semi-opaque, unnatural tint and a dry/drying finish) so it didn't make me hate it less...

Overall: I don't care how many positive reviews it has gotten (most A+ reviews are from bloggers with PR samples though). After many tries (It wasn't so bad when I tried it under yellow, artificial light), I am certain that I hate the scent, formula, finish, color and packaging...pretty much everything about this lipstick.


  1. i got suckered into the sula packaging and got two blushes from them some time back. found them too powdery, too glittery. didn't like them at all too. good to hear i m not missing out on the lipsticks:)

    1. I suppose the color wouldn't look punchy pink on people with warmer lip color...but the formula seems pretty cheap to me anyway so it's a safe skip.

  2. I have three lipsticks from this line. I've found that the bullet gets SUPER dry over time and it gets harder and harder to apply. A shame, because I liked the color.


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