Friday, December 30, 2011

Revlon Age Defying DNA Advantage Powder Compact

Spotted at ULTA, Revlon Age Defying DNA Advantage Now has a powder version. The shade selection is rather limited so I assume these are not too full-coverage.
Apparently ULTA also has a tester for the new Colorstay eyeshadow quad in Inspired, which is supposedly the shade Olivia Wild is wearing in the display poster . I think the texture and colors are alright (nothing remarkable) and maybe a little powdery and chalky compare to eyeshadow from Wet n Wild (the only eyeshadow I have purchased this year).


  1. I like the DNA embossing on the powder. ^^ Yeah the Revlon swatches do not look special enough, WnW has been coming out with so many affordable hits lately!

  2. That quad looks underwhelming. :/

  3. I like the eyeshadow shades but i don't like chalky formulas-probably won't pay too much attention to these anywhere. :(

  4. Kalmo:
    It's kind of silly since the old revlon colorstay quad has a more unique shade selection.

    Yeah, it sure is.

    I am waiting to see what Maybelline would come up with their powder shadow/blush, since the new cream ones are so cool-looking.

  5. if there are cream ones, then there's something i'll be on the lookout for!;)

  6. I really love the colors on the eyeshadow quad. It's only about $5, isn't it? I'll just use a tacky eyeshadow base :)

    1. I think it's more on the 8 dollar range (Since their color stay eyeshadow single is around 4-5 dollars), anyway, I do agree that those colors are really refreshing and unique (enough for a drugstore brand).


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