Saturday, November 12, 2011

Essence Stay With Me Longlasting Lip Gloss in Berry Me

Available since early summer (in US market), Essence Stay With Me Long Lasting Lip Gloss ($2.29) is a range of 6 colorful, shimmer-free glosses in tough, black lidded tube (that looks very much like Benefit Ultra Shines Lip Shine). I went back for more after my initial purchase but the review today is for the shade Berry Me (I know they are trying to sound lovey-dovey  but I couldn't help but thought of "Bury Me" when I read the name), which is season-appropriate according to the general population (I personally prefer wearing orange/coral since plum looks a bit scary with my big mouth/pale winter skin).

The Stay with Me Gloss has a small, hairy  hourglass-shaped applicator that's quite bouncy. It's (kind of) cute but a little awkward to use since it's too small and that the surface doesn't hold much gloss. I think a long flabby one would do a much better job. The shade Berry Me is a medium-to-deep raspberry /wine sort of color with a pigmentation that's decent (for a gloss).
Essence Stay with Me Lip Gloss Berry Me on a wrinkly lips day (I should have taken a picture after it sank in) . The gloss has a slightly sticky thick gel texture( that's not particularly moisturizing), noticeable and tolerable scent. For a long wearing gloss, the shine stays on for 1-2 hours (before it dies down to just a balmy finish) and the tint holds up a bit longer.
 Plummy/wine lip gloss lipstick side by side -  NYX Maroon, Shiseido Natural Wine, Essence Berry Me and Maybelline Berry Beautiful 

Overall: For 2.29 dollars a piece, there is really nothing to complain about (OK, they could replace that itty-bitty wand).


  1. I have exactly this shade, and it took me a while to learn how to wear it - like a stain. When you pat it in, the shade becomes very wearable, but you need a good balm on top of it :)

  2. I just ordered a few of these online and am very excited to try them out! The berry color is so gorgeous I'm regretting not picking that one up!

  3. Eli:
    I rarely wear lip balm (the one I like/that works is has a red tint) so this method probably won't work for me. I personally just wait for the stickiness to wear down, then I will be left with a nice tint.

    It's actually good that you missed it, I found this is (the deepest and) the only one that sinks in my lip lines. The creamier shades feels more jelly and apply more smoothly.

  4. I don't have this shade, but I do own two others of this gloss. :) I'm quite fond of them.


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