Saturday, August 20, 2011

NYX Lip Gloss in Maroon

You have seen enough coral and sheer red (there is still a bunch of them I need to finish up reviewing) so it's time for a little seasonal change!
NYX Lip Gloss in Maroon was an impulse purchased made back in May (yes, I like vampy shades for spring and summer) as the already reasonably cheap brand was on a mini-sale in my grocery store (Come on 3 dollars for 15ml of products, who can say no to that?).  The gloss is non-sticky, (artificial) cherry-scented and insanely pigmented even though the shade (a deep wine) is already so dark. The sponge applicator, probably my favorite of this kind, is soft and bouncy to the touch and does a great job picking up the color.
Vampy Lip Color Side by Side: NYX Maroon, Shiseido Natural Wine and Revlon Va Va Violet
NYX Lip Gloss applied ( two dots sheered out) on lips - I actually prefer the shade for summer since it looked way too scary the first time I tried it back in May, when I was still a little pasty.

Overall: Great shade for darker girls, bold-lips lovers and maybe...goths?


  1. Looks quite similar to Garnet, which I have and love even though I'm pasty :)

  2. OH what a pretty color, it's nice to wear vampy colors even in the warmer weather. Thanks for the pretty swatch.

  3. OH YEAH. The goth in me loves this and it reminds me of Urban Decay's Gash in gloss form. I never would have picked this color because the largest female influence in my life has a thing for burgundy and brown lips ... buuuuuuuuut this little baby is right up my deepest darkest alley. ~breaks out the black eyeliner~

  4. Oooh, definitely pretty. I'm surprised at the pigmentation and I agree, vampy shades do look pretty during summer. :)

  5. Jamilla/Kuri:
    Yeah, just imaging how good it will looks with a vintage dress(that I don't own. lol).

    I think I should just stop loading on product for every single swatch.I had a full-on swatch with this (sinking in my lip line), it was horrid...

    My reasoning was more like I want a deeper lip color to macth a darker skin.

    All three of the NYX glosses I have tried are quite pigmented (and contain so much products, I don't know if I will ever finish them up before they turn rancid), I think I have my eyes oon "perfect red" next...

  6. LOL, I was actually thinking this would look great for goths, base on the texture on your hand swatch, I have a feeling my lips will crack even more or this will probably settle in my lip lines :)


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