Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Queen Helene Pomegranate & Raspberry Refining Facial Scrub

Queen Helene Refining Pomegranate and Raspberry Natural Facial Scrub is one of their new facial skincare products the brand introduced earlier this year. While I didn't get to take any picture this product the first time (because it was out of stock) , I didn't hesitate to pick one up when I visited ULTA again, as I needed something to polish up my dulling face (I reckon a scrub is better than bare hand when it comes to dead skin/scab removal), not to mention the name of this makes it sound too yummy to be passed.
Ingredient List of the Pomegranate and Raspberry Scrub - (The scrub does have an lovely berry smell I am not sure how natural it is since all the raspberry I have had smelled sour and grassy). The physical exfoliant in this scrub is crushed walnut shell, which is fine is size but quite coarse in texture, when paired with the semi-runny, lotion-y base, it becomes much more gentle to the skin (almost in an ineffective sort of a way, since it doesn't seem to be too harsh when I use it daily).
Rubbing this on my face doesn't feel that satisfying as the cream smooth out/flat down , instead of remain creamy and thick like other thick exfoliators (that remains scrub-able after a minute).I guess it indicates when to stop "sanding", which is good for people who go overboard but it also means that the scrub is not as effective if you want to use it on your tougher body parts like elbows or heels.

Overall: A very nice-smelling, affordable (around $4.3)  reasonably gentle (it's meant for sanding away dead skin cell it's not gentle in a pampering way) facial exfoliator that can be used frequently. It's just not as effective when used on body.

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  1. This sounds similar to the Korres Pomegranate scrub I recently reviewed but at a way better price. May give this a try in the future, thanks for the review :)


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