Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Queen Helene Skincare Range Expanded

For a long time, Mint Julep Clay Mask has been the star (and only) product from Queen Helene but now, several more masks are available from the brand for a pretty affordable price (at most 4 bucks).
Spotted at ULTA, new Avocado & Grapefruit Mask , Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque (I think this type of product tend to stretch my pores) and Oatmeal n Honey Natural Facial Scrub (tried it, smells pretty good but the formula is a little too harsh. The granules seem to be even sharper than the ones from normal St. Ives scrub).

Now there is a Mint Julep facial scrub (I wonder would it sting like mad if you use it right before the mask...) and a big tube of Mud Pack Mask ( I think I have never seen a tube of Mint Julep mask that didn't say "extra 33%" ), which I am quite interested.


  1. I always found the Mint Julep mask to be too much like my Colgate toothpaste.
    The Oatmeal & Honey scrub sounds like breakfast food for the face. I'll take it!

  2. Ashley:
    Lol, it actually smells (and stings, dries) like normal tooth paste to me (I use crest). The oat meal and honey scrub doesn't smell creamy/grainy, instead it has a honey scent like the burt's bee honey lip balm. (PS. not a fan of the formula)

  3. It'd be nice if the Oatmeal & Honey was a mask instead of a scrub. Avocado and Grapefruit definitely sounds intriguing though, hmm...
    And I never really understood why the Mint Julep Mask was so raved about, it didn't work amazing for my pimples and was hard to wash off as a mask

  4. the honey is actually very gentle and not at all more abrasive than the St. Ives (to me at least) :3 I enjoy it, and it's gentle enough to use daily.

  5. Connie:
    I think it works getting rid of blackhead...although I do tend to get a humongous pimple after using it.

    Haha, guess we have different skin type. I can't really use the St.Ive normal scrub either (the for sensitive skin one is alright though...at least the smell is not as strong).


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