Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wet n Wild Nocturnal Craze Nail Color

Wet n Wild Nocturnal, from Craze Nail Color Collection way back in 2009, is a midnight blue creme  (blackened navy) that I like quite a bit, as it looks what Jane Aldrige was wearing with her Anne Demeulemeester boot-sandals (bandals?). The finish is typical of Wet n Wild, neither watery nor thick and a breeze to apply. Just look at my perfect pinky paint job!


  1. The nail color is beautiful. You paint your nails so well. Even with all the polishes I have, I can't paint nails at all. XD

  2. I'm wearing Wet'n'Wild Craze nail polish right now, it was super easy to apply as well! x

  3. That's a beautiful shade. Love the packaging too.

  4. Kalmo:
    Practice really makes perfect (a good formula doesn't hurt), I ususally just make sure I leave a gap between my cuticle and where I paint (the gap becomes smaller as I get more familiar).

    It seems that they discontinued the line already, bummer!

    Yeah, it's pretty darn nice (and oh-so-unique back then).

  5. Love this! I have 2 WnW polishes and I like them a lot. Ah, look at your pinky~ hehe.


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