Monday, August 22, 2011

NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Concealer

For people who has been reading this blog long enough, you all know that scab-picking has been a life-long hobby of mine (I would put it in my resume/school application if I can). No extra curricular activity quite beats the swift removal of a piece of epidermis (with an imaginary "phshhhiii" sound), revealing the vulnerable flesh underneath (It's not as fun when you pick the ones that are actually ready to go), later accompanied by a mini surge of blood...

But at certain circumstances, all the fun I have can get in the way of my girly business (shimmery coral blush doesn't go well with a plum shade mark underneath), something has to be done...To simply stop picking would be a good idea but in the meantime, I choose the easier way: Covering up the mess, just like how my partner-in-crime/then-roommate and I would just kick/shove everything under-bed (and decided to go "grocery shopping" at the most inconvenient time of the day, to avoid awkward confrontation) when the apartment management people come to inspect the property...
NYC Liquid Concealer, packaged in the exact same way as their Liquid Lipshine gloss that I love, is a semi-new release from the brand that was out earlier this year. It features the same resilient, long and flat (duck-beak) applicator, which makes grabbing the runny (not creamy or thick at all) formula a easy breezy job, the wand holds so well that I don't need to do the unhygienic double-dip. Instead, it's dip-dot-dot-dot-dot-dot... 

I pick the darker of the two available shades, called Medium. While it looks positively pasty, being just tad darker than my inner arm (the paper pale body part of mine that tanned a little due to all the natural-light swatching), it does get blend down to an even finish that's not too harsh on my skin. For girls who are darker than NC/NW 30, this is a definite skip. 
The formula of the smooth skin concealer is more on a the runny side (not horribly sheer) and it appears rather promising the moment I dot it on (which is another way to say "when the disappointment starts.") . Well, the thing is that when I start seems that the formula never actually builds up so it...diffuses like an en-plein-air fart, gone before you know it.

Before writing it off completely, I decided to give it another chance,  as the product is a little expensive (3 dollars for a useless product is expensive, consider it's the exact amount I paid for 6 Maybelline lipsticks, each of which I like very much) for how much it (doesn't) works...
As a eye area (picture is click-able for your viewing pleasure) concealer/brightener, I don't think the NYC concealer makes any noticeable difference, beside brightening and caking a little. And frankly, even if it does work, I much prefer leaving the part alone, since I believe that sometime under-eye circle and deep eye socket are interchangeable and if I don't have sultry deep eye-sockets, I might as well keep the sulky half circles... they both add depth don't they?

Overall: DNW^2 (as in Does Not Work x Do Not Want). I will just resort the issue by rubbing my face with lemon instead (it fades the marks by a little bit, given that the scars are completely healed)...


  1. Ha ha...glad to know I am not the only one who is a picker.

  2. This is a pretty informative review and made me laugh a few times. :)
    EVERY product that I try from NYC -never- seems to work out for me. None of them have made a good impression at all.

  3. I definitely don't see much of a difference. D: Shame!

    Now I think I have a burning sensation to quote Justin Bieber...or at least the part I remeber

    "Pick it up, pick it up..."

    Their cream blush stick and lipgloss are pretty decent though, although I have too many blushes and glosses to count they as favorites.

    Yeah, don't you hate products like that? I am actually surprised that I have read a negative review about them.

  5. This is why people think you like J-Beebs ;)

    If I were going to be *that* person, I would use this quote: "life is more interesting and the person more creative and imaginative when certain temptations and forbidden areas are kept untouched."

    That being said, picking at things is amazing.

  6. Sandrine:
    So I take that...nose isn't one of those forbidden areas,eh?

    From the arte TV documentary, talking about polonaise fantaisie...

  7. Or perhaps he's not as creative and imaginative as we thought... although maybe it keeps the fingers limber? Kind of a folk remedy, like eating yogurt or milking cows.

  8. Sandrine:
    Lol, at least I am glad that he wipes the keyboard after each piece....


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