Friday, July 29, 2011

Napoleon Perdis NP Set Lip Gloss and Shimmer Highlight Duo Swatches

People with Trypophobia, it's time to click the X on the post...Too Late!
Napoleon Perdis NP Set Lip Gloss are moderately sticky and decently pigmented. There is nothing special about the glosses in terms of color selection or finish. As for the bubbles, it was a hot day and my skin was breathing (it happens with some other lip gloss skin swatch after it was on my skin for a while), it won't happen on the lips as there is no hair follicles there.
These NP Set shimmery highlight duos are little mirrored compact housing two shades of cream highlighter.Both set has colors that show well with one swipe but when I blended it out, I got an insane amount of glitter. Don't worry, it's not to chunky type that scratches your skin, instead, I got a butt load of multidimensional silvery white micro glitters that instantly reminds me of Edward Cullen...

If Volturi(the makeup line) took some advice from Napoleon Perdis, the range probably won't ended up all battered in the clearance basket...


  1. Thanks for the review. I'll avoid these glosses sine they're nothing special and they so expensive. All the ones in clearance are also gross too.

  2. xD Eeeh. I'll probably avoid this because...well it's twilight. Though I do have to admit that the St. John's gloss caught my eye for a TEENY TINY second.

  3. Thanks for the swatches!! But yes...both sets don't seem to be very special. Boo.


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