Thursday, March 25, 2010

Volturi Twilight - Makeup for Vampire

-Unless you have been living inside a cave for the past year, you have probably heard of Twilight, and the makeup brand associated with the franchise...
I always use the auto/intelligent detection mode on my camera and when I took this picture, detected mode is "Twilight Portrait" and the camera failed to recognize Taylor

Volturi (a clan of vampire?) features all the makeup you need to become a blood sucker: Sparkling loose powder, glittery body gel, smudge-y black eyeshadow, a makeup set you can get in Walgreen clearance session for 3 bucks and colored mascara (?)...

Where is the pasty foudation Robert Pattison is wearing? A deep plummy lipstain would help as well...


  1. Hahaha.... what the hell? I don't care for gimmicky shit like that but.. *squint* the packaging looks sort of cute...

  2. The shape of the mascara actually looks kind of like Guerlain kisskiss lip gloss...not that I would ever spend a dollar on these. (Twilight was a tad/very boring for me, as I am never a fan of chick flicks.)

  3. You know what's really sad? I've actually heard good things about the mascara (from other people who I know aren't Twilight fanatics). Apparently, it's actually decent for the price, and that made some of them sad, since they couldn't hate it, hehe.

    I need to go to Walgreens anyway, maybe I should pick something up for my niece (thank goodness she's a book fan, instead of movie fan)...

  4. I'm strangely fascinated by this brand. I have not seen the movies, but I want to buy the makeup. Why? I really have no clue. It even sort of looks like toy makeup.

  5. Kaoru:
    It's not available in drugstore in my area, so far I have only found it in ULTA.

    I have read one of the reviews (OK, I have only seen one so far) but the looks like a potential eyesore purchase to me.

    I have read around 50pages of New Moon (they were highly on demand in our school and local library) and it bored the crap out of me...As of the movie, I watched the first one and I LMAO-ed at many parts...

    Anyway, it's like 30 minutes into the movie and I started to go "Just freaking bite her and get it over with..."

  6. com on gyes be nice twilight rocks


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