Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss Bulk Review

Normally, I like to review different shades in the same product range individually (hence the N different posts on Revlon Colorburst Lipstick or Super Lustrous Lip Gloss) as it makes categorizing based on color/fetching an older post easier. Today, I will give you a group review instead because

1) A single tube of this Maybelline gloss doesn't look good in picture
2) Unfinished (some are ancient) posts are clogging my dashboard. 
3) I am not sure if they are still available for purchase.
I got all four Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss from clearance baskets and it's quite interesting how different the two cashier reacted to my "extreme couponing": The college-age CVS guy, who by the way is Chinese, just looked amazed at how little I paid (Ok,I had a few coupons so I didn't need to pay) for the junk (a few glosses, some nail polish, blush, nail buffer and a bag of pads) I hauled.

On the other hand, the Walgreen lady, who looks a decade older than my mom, started to look at me,like a disapproving in-law (with utmost internal disgust) the moment she found out about the prices ($1.8) of the gloss/as she was scanning the dollar-off coupons. Hello? It's you guys(store employees) who put those clearance stickers on them and said I can use coupons on them!

Back to Maybelline gloss, the two shades on the left were released alongside Color Sensational high shine display and they both have the new citrus scent found in the high shine lipsticks. The two on the right looks like they could be from the Sweet Thing collection and have the same fruity scent like the rest of Color Sensational glosses. All four shades have the same slightly-thick jelly texture that are non-sticky and comfortable to wear, the pigmentation varies by shade.
Red Patent is a sheer raspberry pink/red jelly with shimmer - The red pigment shows well...only on my lip lines. I had high hope for this shade but it turned out mediocre.
High Tech Plum is a semi-opaque berry with a jelly finish - I am pretty happy with how it turns out, as it offers enough colors without being garish.
Coral Gleam is a creamy peach with a ton of (very fine)soft gold shimmer - I think the pigmentation is alright. The problem is that shades like this tend to make me look sick.
Sweet Tooth is a semi sheer milky pink with silver shimmer - due to the small shimmer content, the gloss looks smoother and more watery on the lips. Overall, I like how Maybelline do micro-glitter/shimmer on these since none of them appears frosty or feel gritty on the lips.I just don't like these pale shades by themselves.

Overall: Out of the four shades, High Tech Plum is the stand-out piece (only shade worth getting, at least IMO) when it comes to uniquness and pigmentation.If you really want the promised super high pigmentation, be sure to go for something that looks really deep/bold in the tube.


  1. high tech plum looks fantastic! what a great bargain!

    The disapproving clerk is strange - it's their own policy that she disapproves of :P

  2. The colours look great! I have the one in Coral Gleam.. Haven't tried it yet though :S

  3. These were limited edition. I had gotten Lucious Pink and Hi-Tech Plum when they were still around. I love layering hi-tech plum to get the truest color to show up and it's really pretty!

  4. Disappointed with the pigmentation to be sure. I wish I was bold enough to try a berry!

  5. High Tech Plum looks gorgeous! And what a fab deal you got too!

  6. Wah I hate when cashiers judge me! High Tech plum is very pretty but the rest are so sheer! At least you got them for cheap. I can never find beauty coupons in the mailer, only stuff for toothpaste, etc. Boring things lol

  7. Love High Tech Plum on you, it's gorgeous.

  8. Kuri:
    Maybe she is irritated about that fact that I found the great deal before she did (I always found stuff for a dollar that make cashier goes "Oh, where did you find it?")

    Blovet Beauty:
    It's not bad for people who like nude peach.

    Yeah, it's one of the most unique drugstore glosses I have!

    Haha, I know what it's like to haul a lot and never get to try things, the shade is not too bad actually.

    I think there is a shimmery medium coral from the range that I would like to try as well...too bad they are all LE (it never says it on the display though).

  9. Eden-Avalon:
    It's not bold actually, more like a purplish pink with a layer or two.

    That's all you gotta do when the budget is limited :)

    I guess they can judge you all you like but why make it looks so obvious?

    You should give it a shot (if you see it around), totally a drugstore knock-out.

  10. Thanks for the review! lol...I always run into characters at the drugstores as well. Hey, they can't hate on you for using your coupons! We're all trying to save money in every possible way these days.. haha

  11. Tiffyama:
    Same here, I can almost write a mini books named "Jerks and @$$holes from CVS".


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