Thursday, February 18, 2010

Maybelline Sweet Thing - MAC Sugar Sweet Reincarnate?

Although I hate many (or simply all of the) Maybelline products I have tried, I have to admit that their new spring 2010 Sweet Thing collection looks kind of...sweet?
As you can see, Maybelline Sweet Thing is a candy colored themed collection with limited edition eyeshadow (why do they look so much like the existing ones?), lip gloss, blush and nail color. The poster looks nice and sweet but we all know things will turn out differently, unless you are a supermodel.

By the way, why does brand like Maybelline and L'Oreal hire models who look like each other, Kemp Muhl (pictured) looks like Josie Maran's twin and Linda Evangelista looks like a retouched version of Milla Jovovich...Closer look of the shadow and blush, I have never loved any drugstore eyeshadow or blush (Jane is great but it's nowhere as nice as Anna Sui/Nars) so these are not that appealing to me anyway. The interesting part of the blush is that they have those flower print on the pan (the print looks like they are from Mary Quant cosmetics, which is only available in Japan anyway). Two of the three blusher have this pattern while one has the normal "MNY" mark embossed.
The lip gloss is the first thing that reminds me of MAC sugar sweet, as they literally took the name of a mac sugar sweet lip glass, "Triple Yum", for one of these Maybelline Color Sensational Glosses (The melon one at 2 o'clock position) . Come on, it's not even tri-layered...

I think the glosses are pretty nice but nothing they are not too exciting, until I saw the nail polish...
MAC Seasonal Peach and Peppermint Patty? No! It's Maybelline xxxx peachy (forgot the name) and Minty. I was wearing my jade bangle bracelet and minty actually look kind of like it and from some online pictures (google it yourself, I don't link sucky pictures) , the color actually look a lot like Chanel Jade...For those of you who missed it, this Maybelline is only 1/10 the price of Chanel (there is a dollar off coupon along with the display), at around $2.6.
Like the lip gloss name and nail color are not obvisous enough, there is also a line of eyeshadow stick with this collection. I am liking the green the model is wearing as it looks so fresh.
Wait, here is more! And look at that gorgeous...cupcake! For candy colored nail, most colors are bland beside the sky blue and the lilac one. (I wish they make a salmon though, like the one from the upcoming Orly sweets collection.) Anyway, I didn't plan to get any at first but a few minute after I took the picture, a bottle of Minty was gone so I went safe-better-than-sorry and got that shade...
I have to say the price (after one dollar off coupon) 2.6 dollars is a tad expensive as that's how much I normally get my China Glaze for (buy 2 get 2 sale + coupon in Ulta).
P.S. Minty Looks much more blue-toned in natural light and it's kind of similar to my own jade bracelet , no?


  1. Maybelline is a surprise...sometimes I buy something and love it, sometimes hate it. I like lash stiletto, mousse line (everything, specially the blush) and the lip plumper that comes in a pen (forgot the name).
    This collection looks adorable as I'm a sweet lover- to eat and to wear- The flowers are cute and the nail colors looks nice! Loved that peach one and the blue on the cupcake photo. :)

  2. I don't know if you like this kind of comedy, but I was looking for that michelle phan's scrub video to write about it in my blog and I found this incredible parody about her...i laugh a lot...If you have nothing to do, watch it

    btw, I felt bad to see that a guy could put fake lashes faster and better than I do

  3. Wow.. that looks really really nice... wonder when it's coming in to Malaysia!!!! especially the nail polish!!!

  4. that is a supergorgeous collection. Unfortunately, we often do not get these collections over, even though Maybelline is sold over here.

  5. I don't like the packaging much. I like round blushes much more than square ones.

    The flower pattern is pretty though!

  6. Cacau:
    I have tried several Maybelline products and so far I hate all of them. lol.

    And I did see that video around 2 years ago, that dude is better at applying makeup than I do (at the moment, I know how to apply blush, tight liner and lipstick...)
    I hope they make those collection available in other places as well but for what I know, I haven't seen those LE display anywhere beside US...
    Yeah, American are so lucky sometime...but those Europrean (or just the British?) get that super cool Barry M, I am a bit jealous...
    Haha, no wonder you buy so many mineral loose shadow...they are all round.

  7. I love the color of that green in the bottle, but I haven't had very good experiences with Maybelline in the past so I don't think I'll buy it. Still though... Chanel "Jade" was too pricey for me so maybe I might give it a shot. :)

    Thanks for the pictures! I hardly ever get to go to the drugstore, (though I love browsing drugstore makeup aisles!) so I appreciate seeing new displays on your site.

  8. I am staring at the nail polish colors!!! they are soooo pretty! sad to say, Maybelline nail polishes aren't sold down here! Arrrghh! :)

  9. That's a lovely collection! The nail polishes look very pretty and I love the flower pattern too!

  10. 2 years ago? omg, I'm so delayed..sorry

  11. Asami:
    I think it might be worth a shot (I just skip my lunch for that lol.) consider mint green like this just don't get released very often. And I have seen the polish on other people (with messy swatch style)and it still looks kind of nice so it will definitely look better on you.
    Lol, you have enough polish's ok to skip one or two.
    Yeah, Maybelline has finally stepped up a bit.
    Haha, there is no need to say "sorry", you are in the know for many thing I haven't even heard of (for example, I couldn't even tell Portuguese apart from Spaninsh and I would say that's 100x more stupid and "sorry"). I happened to see that video because Michelle link it to her blog and I was still sort of a follower back then (although at the time I had no idea why my skin looks like it has a third degree burn...).

  12. Lol, you're so funny. No way someone can convince me to use eletric toothbrush in my skin!

  13. Wait...It wasn't two years...I think the guy uploads the video last spring. (Oh, then I will admit I had no backbone for checking out her blog when I was supposedly "getting sick and tired of" her...)

  14. Anyone know any stores in south Louisiana that are selling this collection??I want Minty!


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