Friday, March 26, 2010

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Day Lily

Shiseido the Makeup is one of the very few Japanese brand that's available internationally. While it seems that their color choice is pretty much aimed to the American/European customers, you can still find those "Japanese quality" like smooth, thin finish, not-as-strong pigmentation and sleek packaging.
The range of Shiseido Perfect rouge was introduced back in spring 2009 and later on, the two sub-range Perfect Rouge Glowing Matte and Tender Sheer were also added to the collection (and they discontinued those beautiful Shimmery Lipsticks...) These lipsticks retails for 25 dollars at counters and, I was able to spot one of these in my TJ-maxx (for around 16 dollars?) last year when they were pulled out in Sephora stores.
The shade I got was OR418 /Day Lily - a shimmery full-on orange, there is no trace of red, brown or beige and this is definitely not what I call an everyday lip color. While the finish of Shiseido Perfect rouge looks very similar to that of CoverGirl Trushine lipstick on the arm, Shiseido feels much lighter and fit in the contour (aka lip lines) like a flexible second skin . I do like the finish of Shiseido Perfect rouge but this shade is a bit awkward. The super bright orange just looks so...bright. It's not that kind of brightens-up-whole-face kind of bright. In fact, this color is so bold that it makes my skin look very ghostly purple when the temperature was colder (that's the reason it took me forever to put up the review because in most of the pictures I looked like a cast from The Ring).

There is also something funny about the super smooth texture, it's so smooth that it wouldn't get on the inner parts of my lips so I had to layer and layer to get my whole lips covered, and the result: Extra pop of orange color and gradual fading towards the center.
The look became much more wearable with a clear gloss (Bath & Body Works) to wash down the orange, I love how subtle the shimmers are but I think I could still use a bit of red to make it less "secondary".

Overall- Love the finish but this color looks so freaking scary with thick lips and pale skin (might get better when it's summer)...


  1. Holy crap, that is scary orange. It looks nice on you though.

  2. Do you feel the glitter on your lips? I love the finish but hate the glitter on lips feeling..

  3. Pixie:
    It took me at least 10 times (wearing it and swatching it)to look remotely wearable like this...

    The shimmers are actually very very fine most of the time I can't feel shimmers from Japanese lipstick because they are quite different from American ones...But anyway, it's not like western ones are gritty anyway, they just tend to be frosty and feel thick on me...

  4. I love Shiseido. Even their drug store brands.
    First lip swatch (without clear gloss) look like you just sucked up some orangy pickles.
    Second lip swatch look nice and more wearable.

  5. I agree, that's a very scary orange! It looks lovely with a clear gloss on top though.

  6. The final result is really great (after so much work hm?). Well, I liked it, but I always had in mind that orange is for hot days, just like you said. I like to use orange in hot days here, with ponytail, beautiful dress and pumps! lol So alive!

  7. Ivo:
    I wish we have drugstore brands by shiseido in here...the markup and shipping is so high that I would rather go for the actual highend one...

    It might be better if I use a cherry colored gloss instead.

    I thought it's always hot down there...During summer I love using very sheer gloss or just some popsicle colored lip stain.

  8. Citrine, why do you always buy the most hard-to-pull-off colors?

    Just curious. Since this one is a highend l/s... hard to pull off colors like orange/fuschia/brown brown well, ppl generally don't buy them.

  9. Irene:
    I feel like I am wasting money if I pay 20+ bucks on a my-lips-but-better lipstick when I can get the same (if not better) effect with a 3 dollar Revlon.

    Anyway, I think it's different with different people, I personally can't pull of color that are not as bright. Like I have gotten one or two lipsticks that are on the nude/pink/peachy side but they are no where as flattering on me compared to bolder colors I normally wear.


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