Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Biotherm Multi Protection Sun Screen SPF10

Biotherm Multi Protection Sun Cream/Screen SPF10 was a Marshall (where they sell certain brands of high-end skin care for around 30% of the original price) purchase made last summer. At the time, I was still not religous on my sunscreen routine (I am now) so I just reckon I could try out something "foreign" (it's made in France) and cheap while protecting myself from damaging UV rays.
The sun protection factor of 10 provided by Biotherm (they make sunscreen with higher SPF though) is hardly enough for the Texan weather that it doesn't seem to do much when I wear it. Despite the light protection, the (yellow-tinted, I guess they did that to match the tube) cream is pretty oily for its (low) SPF. Of course I have seen and tried plenty of greasy American suncreen that would beat Biotherm in a heartbeat but come on...what is the point looking greasy when I am not even getting much protection?

On the bright side, Biotherm hasn't broken me out (yet/probably because I don't use it on my face that often) and the greasy texture actually doesn a decent job soothing my dry legs, especially when I am in an over air-conditioned room. Overall: There are so many better ones out there (for example, any Japanese one)so save your 10 dollars and get Neutrogena liquid daily sunblock instead.

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  1. I don't really see the point of a sunscreen with SPF10 to be honest since you need at least SPF15 to get enough sun protection. And it's greasy too?! I think I'll pass, thanks for the review.


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