Monday, February 07, 2011

L'Oreal HIP Eyeshadow Duo - Flashy and Forgiving

I was pretty enamoured of L'Oreal after having tried their (heavily discounted) Colour Juice lip glosses as well as metallic eyeshadow. Since the brand usually go on clearance at the end of each season, I took the advantage (as well as a 3-dollars-off-2-items) and grabed two more eyeshadow duos at CVS.
The two L'Oreal Duo Eyeshadow I have gotten are Bright Eyeshadow Duo in Flashy, (Teal green infused with gold micro glitter and a matte yellow, which reminds me of NARS eyeshadow duo in misfit ) and Concentrated Eyeshadow Duo in Forgiving (navy blue and chocolate brown, both shimmery).
Like many L'Oreal eye products(especially their HIP line), the four shades from the two duo are decently pigmented (I don't know what to say about the matte yellow since it looks just like my skin color) but the textures varies with different finish. The shimmery duo called Forgiving is nice, smooth and easy to blend while the matte shades are somewhat dry and chalky. The teal green from Flashy applies more like matte, while the micro glitter is just peeking through (So while the color looks quite like NARS misfit, the texture of the two is not comparable. What am I complaining anyway, Nars is 10x more expensive compared to what I paid for the L'Oreal).
A rather simple look (I am incapable of doing anything else, really) with the brown side of Forgiving as well as the metallic taupe from.It seems that I finally found the perfect chocolate brown that doesn't look rusty (On me, reddish brown like that has a tendency too look like an extremely natural-looking undereye circle as it fades) nor too yellow (which just looks off). I think the color works perfertly enhance the eyes and make them bigger and brighter.
A closed eye look, all I did was apply the brown at the lashline and bring the color up gradually by dabbing the eyelid with finger.As of the teal/yellow duo, I tried (very hard) but didn't get any reasonable look (that doesn't make me look like a drag queen) and no, I don't want to go Amy Winehouse eyeliner with that. As for the navy blue...I am not sure how to use it yet.

Overall: One hit out of four shades might sound bad but considered what I paid (less than two for each duo then have 3 dollars taken off), L'Oreal eyeshadow are great finds. I will just take a mental note to stick to shimmery and metallic shades from now on. Matte is (so far) better left to the pro/high end brands.


  1. Hi, I just love your look, so ...
    could you please do a tutorial?~

    Btw, I think your Blog is amazing, and I find really helpful and interesting all of your entries! ♥
    Keep with your good job!~~~

  2. Hi, there:
    Thanks for your kind words, I am not sure how to do a tutorial though, there is literally two steps. Apply the brown on top lid (then use my finger to smudge it up a bit) and taupe on the bottom.

  3. Thank you, this was really helpful!! I'll try to do it, whenever I'll have the chance to buy the eyeshadow!

    Thanks again!:)


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