Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nars Eye Shadow Swatch Fest

Ok, I only have four and I probably won't get more unless some crazy good new colors come up, but I had a armful of swatch so why not post it up for people who are interested.
Last week I went to Sephora to compare that Wet n Wild shadow and Nars, I ended up with an armful of swatch...Too make things easier, I didn't swatch those boring shades. (It's my blog, deal with it.)

Here are the three shimmering matte shades: Tropic, Strada and Galapagos. They do have some golden/silver flecks here and there, but once it's blended out. The shimmer are very sparse that they only exist to annoy the heck out of anal people like me .

Galapagos is supposed be a chocolate brown of the brown with beautiful golden micro glitter but non of those golden goodness shows once it's applied to skin.

Tropic (at least in my eyes and camera) is more green than the product image given online and reminds me of a cloisonne necklace I have.

The texture is OK, not so smooth that I can use it dry as an eyeliner so it would be pointless for me to buy it as I can never pull of color like this on my eyelids. I really don't get the silver shimmer part, they are sized and shaped differently so you don't know how much of this you will pick up each digging. Anyway, Tropic is like fish scales floating on a lake.

For some random reason, this eyeshadow is super popular in a Chinese beauty forum while it's not even remotely well-rated in Makeup Alley. I like the color, maybe on a dress or bag, but not on my face though...

Well,matte purple like this tend to turn gray once you blend it.

Legendary Rated R, both colors are pretty. The blue is a bit too thin so it has to be layered with other colors to show up. The shimmer are like oceans surface under sun though.

South Pacific I don't see people rave about this duo that often, but the colors are so gorgeous: A sea foam green and sky blue. (The sea and the sky!) It's one of the few Nars products with colors that actually match the name, I like the sea foam green a lot but $32 for just one color seems a bit too steep..

The green from Misfit duo. L'Oreal HIP has a copy cat somewhere. Most of the time I see a color that look pretty against my skin, I will know for sure it will literally"pop" and look out of place once it's on my eyes..

Brown from India Song. I actually want this quite a bit because it looks pretty good on Tomoko (well, it's more about the falsies) and Angelababy (if I follow the rules I will look like a raccoon)

Black side from Pandora (have you seen the cover of Nars's Makeup Your's this one! The duo is allover that book.)
I wonder why do I even bother, since it's just a matte black and a shimmery white.

So freaking sheer that makes me wonder why bother putting it on in the first place.

Even more why-do-I-bother than Violetta

Love the minty bluish-green on the left. The far right is two shades blended together.

Too Faced Fantasy Island
I have been interested in this duo ever since Arora did a spring makeup look with it but after the swatch, this duo is way too sheer...well, she used Too faced primer, Benefit Lemonaid plus MAC shadestick to intensify the color...Sounds like a hassles to me.

Too Faced Locked Down in I am Guilty...(Karen at MBB has an review) The colors are not really that unique.

The Body Shop was right across the "street" from Sephora, so I ducked in (then out immediately becuase the super strong scent was giving me a migraine) and managed to come out with some eyeshadow swatch...Again, I only picked the colors I liked...

The Body Shop Eyeshadow single in Golden Meadow and Spearmint.
The color payoff sure sucks.

The teal from a summer 09 LE shimmer cube. (I would buy it but the packaging is way too ugly.)

Victoria's Secret (Their bras are not even that comfy and I hate those brand you can tell right away when people are wearing it)...Calvin Klein is much better at making undergarment in my opinion.

The cream shadow in turquoise cakes like mad...


  1. wow tropic looks so pretty, thanks for the swatch, I've swatched NARS e/s many times on counter and they never fail :D

  2. Thanks for the swatches. Rated R looks gorgeous! I have the Nars Duos. I have Black Runner and the colors are very pigmented.

  3. Oceans surface under the sun? Wow that's a great description!!! Haha.

  4. I like the duos :D but not the singles :-P. Lol.

  5. Cris:
    I light having a single better,their shade are not as unique or pretty, but for most of the duo, I only like one shade in them while leaving the other one completely useless/wasted..

  6. learn proper English and stop complaining about everything...

  7. Hi there! I promise to do that as soon as you capitalize the first word of every sentence. :)


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