Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stila Spring 2011 Collection and Cheek Stain Swatches

Are you in the mood for shimmery nudes? If you are, Stila Spring 2011 collection would totally be your cup of tea.
Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner are marker-like liquid liner with felt tip applicator. I have tried the two and they seems rather spongy/elastic and precise, staying power for these are rather decent as well.  Kitten Glitter Eyeliner glitter eyeliner in a clear base (but the glitter sizes vary so it looks like gold bits with gold foils at the bottom). Coconut Crush lip and cheek stain is a nude beige with a plummy undertone. Silk Shimmer Gloss in sunlight is an intense golden bronze with a not-that-sticky texture (you know how Stila glosses are like).
Allover Shimmer Duo in Kitten (Stila is doing so many "kittens" now) is a 2-pan highlighter in shimmery white (that looks like a natural sheen) and sheer gold. The texture is a lot firmer than their normally-dusty eyeshadow (I like still like them though) and could look great layer on top of a cheek stain.
Stila first came up with the clicky lip/cheek stain back in 2008 with their Cherry Crush and has been adding new "crushes" in their cheek stain collection.After swatching all of those, I still think the original is my favorite, since the blue/pink look so natural and simple (I would totally keep buying it if the unit price weren't so expensive. Come on, 2.4ml for 24 bucks? Why don't I pay a few dollars more and get Benefit instead, as it contain more than 10x the product).

P.S. Benefit Posietint is a totally adorable doll pink (this coming from a person who don't normally like the color).

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  1. Thanks for the swatches, I'd be keen to try out Indigo! Searching for the perfect liquid eyeliner :)


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