Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Skinfood Milk Creamy Nail Color Mint Milk

Skinfood Creamy Nail polish, like other Skinfood product, is adorably packaged in a milk bottle like container that's made of matte glass. Each bottle is relatively small (compared to those humongous bottles from OPI and China Glaze).

If you are used to the milky consistency of OPI, I ensure you that Milky nail color aren't exactly like that (they are called milky because the range feature only creme/pastel shades with no shimmer). In fact, the texture is rather runny and can be quite streaky if I didn't use enough layers (it's still better than those pastel polish from Maybelline though).
Mint Milk is a minty green (although some time I think is more of a blueish teal, compared to Maybelline Minty ) that dries to a shiny finish. The touch of blue makes it a lot more wearable than other pastel green. 


  1. lovely!! I wrote about nails today too...

  2. i love how it looks applied on - pastel colours are my most favourite type of polish next to shimmery. The bottle looks so unique, clean and simple. Skin Food is amazing brand and your review helped make another scratch on my bank account: note to self - must buy this!!!

  3. The bottle is so cute! The shade is beautiful too although it's a shame the formula's streaky.

  4. Hi Cacau:
    Haha, I have revlon peach petal as well (OK, just the lip gloss)...I am usually scared of pastel peach being afraid that they would look like white-out on me.

    You bank account would still be relatively safe since it's rather affordable. Skinfood is one of the Korean brands I do like as they have unique and interesting packaging/products (like those yummy smelling face scrub!) and they never copy other brands down to tiny details...

    I guess that's with most pastel polishes ...I mean, it's not the worst out there.

  5. Hi Citrine!

    I was wondering if you could tell me where you buy Skinfood products? I would love to purchase this polish! The bottle is so cute!

    (P.S. I'm completely envious of your nails. They're all the same shape. My thumb and my index fingernails are rounded and the rest are squared...it drives me nuts!)

  6. Katie:
    Actually this bottle is from my roommate (who is Korean) so I am not sure where ti get it in US.


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