Friday, February 12, 2010

Elf Lip Gloss in Malt Shake

It's highly unlikely that you will care, but the full name of the dollar-a-piece ELF lip gloss is actually ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine SPF 15. I picked this up at my grocery store more than a month ago for no reason (the real reason is that I like to try out glosses of all kind so I can bash them if they are boring or mediocre). To avoid eyesore purchase, I skipped all the shimmery ones (drugstore shimmer usually mean full-on frost for me) and chose the most boring of the bunch: A brownish rosy shade called Malt Shake.
Malt Shake is, as I mentioned, brownish rosy shade with a smooth, fluid and balmy texture. The pigmentation of this particular elf lip gloss is alright as it gives a noticeable amount of color without being too thick or heavy, I would say this amount of color payoff is more than enough as I can't say that I am a fan of brown lips.
Texture wise, the gloss feel fluid and it's fairly moisturizing, the watery/loose/balm nature of the gloss also means that it settles to a very smooth finish right away. My only complain of this gloss would be it actually numbs/gives a weird, unpleasant sensation to my lips, which only happens with certain Sally Hansen glosses in the past. The swatch might give you an impression that Elf Malt Shake is peachy or orange, it's not. The brown shade is around the same intensity of my lip color but warmer so it shows up as a my-lip-but-better tint. I found the brown in the gloss quite wearable, as it tones down the purple (my skin tone will turn normal when it gets warmer) without making my mouth looking like two pieces of poop (like some Revlon lipstick...).

Overall, it's a nice gloss but not quite my favorites (neutral is never my thing, as my own-way of neutral is just not bothering with any makeup.) and not interesting enough to make me want more, even it's a dollar.


  1. Can you make a swatch of this one in your arm? I was thinking of buy it and the goddess, but my mouth is so pale that i'm sure it will not look like the way your actually pic is. Thanks!

  2. I will do it tomorrow (I know I can take the picture right now but I prefer taking picture with natural light) along with a Revlon colorburst lipstick (rosy nude), which looks very similar to this.

  3. Great! I'll go travel today, but when I return I'll come here to check..many thanks!

  4. Totally agree on the numbing lip thing. I have this and a couple others but for some reason this doesnn't quite do it for me.

  5. Hey, I'm back! Thank youuu again! I saw 3 bubbles in the pic (arm swatch) avon again!? It made bubbles in your mouth too?

  6. Cacau:
    No bubble on my mouth just feels uncomfortable (see Amy, above said that it does the same thing to her as well so my skin isn't really that sensitive.)

    P.S. It you look closely, there are actually 4 bubbles grand total.

  7. lol, you just saved yourself...a dollar.


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