Sunday, December 12, 2010

Essence Lipstick Swatch

While my local grocery store is pretty much the last one to get any new releases/ limited edition(if they get anything at all...Well, at least I am glad for my wallet). At least I can find affordable and interesting brands like Essence.
Essence Lipsticks, available in 10 shades and each for around $2.5, are lip color with medium pigmentation, glossy sheen and a soft Playdoh scent (fresh Play-doh, not the dried up and rancid one) that's totally tolerable. If you can stand the scent of Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks (IMO the worst lipstick scent I have encountered so far...and they aren't even belongs to the "bad patch") these ones would likely to be a pleasure to use.

The sunlight might confuse things a bit but beside Red Carpet (a medium coral red, one of my favorite in the bunch), Like a Lady and Creamy Nude,  all the shades are shimmery.

Here is a picture of the newer Essence cosmetics display (This is how it looked like 9 months ago), many new shades have been added to their range of blushers, compact powder, eyeshadow and nail color.I have already gotten a blush from them and totally can't wait to try on their eyeshadows and lip glosses!


  1. those are nice looking swatches! Like a Lady caught my attention :)

  2. Did you detect cool or warm tones in Red Carpet? I love me some red-corals! I have several of their polishes I need to get around to using.

  3. Nikki:
    Like a Lady is a sheer raspberry pink, I would say a perfect color for spring。

    Actually I am not sure if I know how to answer your's a coral red (so it's like a orange+red kind of color) but it doesn't look harsh on my ashy/cool-toned I guess it's also kind of blue?

  4. No problem, reds can be weird like that and monitor color settings even more so. I'll have to check it out next time I go to Ulta. I have an absurdly large collection of red lipstick. Creamy Nude looks promising as well.

  5. BTW, if you haven't checked out the Glossy Lipbalms they're pretty good. I have it in Sparkling Cherry, a nice sheer red with very subtle shimmer. No offensive smell and pleasant jelly texture.

  6. ooh, they all look lovely! will have to try them out.

  7. C:Oh, I will keep an eye for those...but I think I wait a bit for them to restock some of their lipsticks/eyeshadow single. The color I wanted only have broken/used one left...

    You totally could, since most of the items have tester available.

  8. I had been considered ordering Essence Lipsticks on Ulta's site, but thanks to your swatches, I can see they don't have nearly enough pigmentation for me. Additionally, your scent comparison with Playdoh! & the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks makes me doubly want to avoid them like the plague. Thank you for helping me save money! I couldn't agree with you more about the rancidly-nausea-&-headache-inducing, so-dry-it-took-off-a-piece-lip-skin Maybelline CS Lipstick. "Red Revival" is such a beautiful color, it sucks that the formula is unwearable.


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