Sunday, March 21, 2010

Essence Cosmetics Display

Just found the brand in Ulta a week ago. It's seems like a brand that's design for pre-teens.
The price range of Essence is similar to NYC and Wet n Wild, everything is (should be) under 4 bucks. Beside some of their pretty nice-looking nail color(beside a glittery top coat, they are all cream!), they also have ghetto nail art tools like dotting pen, stickers and nail stamping kits with boring patterns.
Eyeshadow, mascara and eyeliners. I have picked up a coral nail polish (I have a 3.5 dollars coupon lying around...)and a dotting pen, the quality is pretty nice actually.


  1. I went to walmart and seems like they have a new makeup brush section. I did a small review on my blog on the lip brush. I wonder if your walmart has them yet and how they may compare to sonia kashuks line?

  2. It's really cute! Haha, also I taged you on my blog, please come and check it out:!
    Please follow if you like my blog! Thanks a lot!

  3. I love essence! Just be open to their products and think of them as small and cute!

  4. The pink multi action mascara is AMAZING !
    best drugstore mascara ever (here in germany) ! ♥
    i like essence, the nail polishes are good and the limited editions have very often nice things. once there was a beautiful blush every beauty junkie loved.. ♥


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