Friday, July 09, 2010

Milani Velvet Lips Creamy Lip Color in Royal - Yet another fuchsia lipstick

Because I can never get enough of trashy fuchsia = = (Actually, I was tricked by the product swatch sticker and thought it was a soft shimmering pink lipstick, which I haven't tried many) ....Milani Velvet Lips Creamy Lip Color truly lives up to its name: It's creamy and feels like velvet as it glides on. For all the drugstore lipsticks I have tried, this offers one of the best performance, similar to Sally Hansen natural beauty lipstick when it comes to the silky texture and (it's feels silkier than Rimmel Vintage pink and even better than my all time favorite lipsticks from Max Factor, but then again I do prefer the matte finish Max Factor gives) high coverage.So is there anything I don't love about Milani lipstick? Well, there is...See, the exact shade of fuchsia is a tad bold, combine with the visible and abundant silver shimmer, it's very difficult to pull it off and wear it out unless I am auditioning for Pole Dancer of America...


  1. hahahahah I think the color is nice and your reaction is just too funny! Pole Dancer of America? LOL That bad? :)

  2. You are too funny. lol I got my revlon color burst in fuchsia thanks to that post you did back in january, I cracked up laughing when I got it, imagining things about pole dancing and this color. lol

    I loved it in january and now that I have this deep gorgeous tan it looks fabulous on me and love it more. You are right there is really a time and place for this color. It yells more spring/summer raher than the dead of winter. However it can work for anyone year round, especially if they are trying to bring their inner pole dancer out! lol

  3. Nikki:
    Some colors just don't look normal on certain skintone...

    Hell Notes for Beauty:
    I have seen Revlon fuchsia on bloggers with darker skintone and it does look pretty good...I personally like lighter fuchsia though...


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