Monday, April 05, 2010

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Pink Chic

If I am not mistaken, the Rimmel moisture renew lipsticks have been around in UK, as well as the common wealth (?) for several months before hitting US at the end of last year. I picked one of these lipsticks up when Rimmel was half off in Walgreen, for 3.5 dollars.
The Rimmel moisture renew lipstick comes in a cute mirror like purple tube with crystal belt (looks like a knock-off of the Maybelline Water Shiny line from Japan) and has a fairly faint (more noticeable than MAC but fainter than YSL) scent that reminds me of an old school Japanese ointment/anti chapping cream called Oronain medicated cream, the smell is marginally pleasant/alright and fades fairly quickly.

On the lipstick display, Rimmel claims that with SPF 15, Vitamin A, C and E and some hydraulic complex, these moisture renew lipsticks will reduce dryness by 65% (In the UK TV commercial it's 70% and the lipstick actually looks pretty matte/dry on the model).
The shade I picked, Pink Chic, is a light blue pink (compared to NYX lip gloss in Beige) with extremely fine silver shimmer which you can't see unless you hold the lipstick right under sun. The lipstick glides well and leave a subtle sheen. I personally wouldn't call this ability to glide as being moisturizing, replenishing or creamy, as the lipstick itself isn't really wet looking nor it plumps any moisture through the surface.
On the lips, the silver shimmers are actually quite abundant and they contribute to a more pasty and semi-frosty finish that I personally don't like. The lipstick adhere to my skin well without feeling thick or uncomfortable.

As of the "moisture renewal", I frankly can't feel anything because my lips lines are still there (this was taken on a good-lip day and if it's any colder or drier, I bet this would start to cake). Actually, this particular light pink actually accentuates flakes that I didn't even know they existed.
With a layer of pink gloss on top, it seems that Rimmel Pink Chic and NYX lip gloss in Beige (a cool creamy pink) are made for each other. I can certainly see this kind of look on Japanese gyaru magazines like Pinky and Scawaii.

Overall- It's a decent lipstick/great lipstick for the price as it (the tube) looks cute, smells nice, glides very well and offers decent coverage. The lipstick's finish is comparable to that of Mac (which isn't saying much because I don't like MAC lipsticks) but it's still not quite highend like those $20+ lipsticks from Anna Sui, Lancome and of course YSL...


  1. I love it when you topped with NYX's Beige lipgloss, I am seriously thinking about NYX Beige Lipgloss now! I own a lot of lipsticks that are too drying for my dry lips, and the only remedy is to top it with a gloss and most of my lipsticks I love topping with The Body Shop's Clear Love Gloss!

  2. This is so pretty! Rimmel has some nice products, hey? I don't own any lippies but I do like their glosses and mascaras. I'll definitely check out their lippies next time I'm at a drugstore, since I don't have dry lips I don't think these will be too drying on me.

  3. Love the end result. Definitely something that I would wear (the combo, not the lipstick itself). I shy away from everything lilac unless it's eyeshadows. I noticed that baby pink lipsticks look nicer if they have some coral-pink shimmers rather than just silver shimmers. Silver shimmers like lilac lippies usually make me look dead. :(

    Citrine, if you have dry lips problem, why don't you try Shiseido's Lip Essence. I've tried it and imo it's quite good. Has a slight golden beige-pink tint too so your lips won't look naked.

  4. Nikki:
    Haha, I never buy "expensive" clear gloss because they are all the same to me, but NYX beige is a cute one though, it's just the lid isn't as tough as I would like it to be, the outter black part just cracked a few days ago...I am not sure what happened.

    I wouldn't say it's drying at all. But for my specific lip type, I need something that's literally wet to look good on me and most drugstore lipsticks (beside max factor) fail on me because they are just pasty and thick.

    I have heard of that but the lip essense (from Maquillage right?) 30 bucks (even the Majolica one is 7 dollars plus 2 bucks shipping)?

    I like products like that but I personally never like to spend too much on sheer lip products unless it has a LE and very cool packaging (like my Dior, MAC tendertone etc.) or it's from my favorite brand (Anna Sui)...I get very similar effect with clear glosses from my local drugstores.

    As for those shimmery lipsticks, I am always OK with Japanese ones (cheap or highend) but all the US shimmery lipsticks look nasty on me...(Rimmel isn't nasty, but it certainly doesn't look good by itself.) they are just so frosty...

  5. I love this color! I got my aunt to get a shade in the UK line, and it's not available in the US. Or maybe they renamed it? I think the gloss made such a pretty difference!

  6. They might renamed it or it's a totally different stock, I saw a pretty shade called Coral Queen but it's not available in US.


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