Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Very Cherry Chinese New Year

Happy year of Tiger! Since red is the festive (and wedding color) for Chinese, I will be celebrating with red makeup over this blog (not that I will wear red lipstick today, since I will be doing plenty of eating...)
Anna Sui Mini Rouge in 401
Max Factor Ms. Right Now
Wet n Wild Tamara's Tiara
Revlon Cherry in the Glow
Maybelline Very Cherry
Sally Hansen Radiant

Stila Cherry Crush
Benefit Thrrrob Blush
Anna Sui Face Color Stick
Anna Sui Face Color Accent
Wet n Wild Scarlet
Wet n Wild Rocking in Ruby

Carpenter Tan Cherry Wood Comb
Faceted garnet beaded bracelet
Anna Sui mascara in 400

Yes, the mascara does turn out bloody red and I am nutty enough to get it (and wore it out when I was checking out the MAC in Lillyland collection in Saks)...For those of you who are bored, here is a mini story that is related to both Chinese and love a very remote sense):

Do you remember 2 weeks ago I posted a picture of the boy I liked back in elementary school/when I was six? Well...He totally tracked me down and found out about my post through international spying (blogger is blocked in China so he had another classmate of ours, who moved to New Zealand in 3rd grade, to look my blog up for him). Anyway, he said he was very glad that I still remember him.

Should I tell him that I remember 70% of our classmates...and the fact that I totally fell for someone else when I was eight?


  1. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day and year of the Tiger! I wish you good health and happiness :)

  2. HAHHA you crack meee up. that boy probably felt so special too. i love your red collection, my favorite by farrrr. is the max facctor Ms. Right Now, a good red for drugstore?

  3. Ooh happy chinese new year to you too! I've been so busy helping prepare. :) I wish I had time to post but I'm just using my iPod. I didn't know China blocked blogger! Well anyways, gong xi fa cai! I would type in Chinese if I was on my computer. haha

  4. Happy new year! Lol probably best not to tell him, let him feel special ;) lol

  5. Nikki:
    Sometime is scary how much junk I have, consider red is not even my favorite color.
    Sharpie United:
    I would say it's pretty decent for all of the drugstore lip color I have tried. The finish is matte so it wouldn't be too overpowering for a bold color and the pigmentation is pretty nice as well.
    Lol, you don't have to because for readers who don't have the language in the system, it will show up as ???? I want them to see the well wishes I get.
    Lady RaRa;
    He is probably reading this right now,as he can reach blogger through other medium websites.

  6. Happy Chinese New Year! I love your red collection.

  7. OMG! He read it? hahaha lol This can become a beautiful love story.. (ok ok don't kill me)

  8. Cacau:
    I told him not to read this it can turn him, actually I don't want him to tell my mom about the fact that my room is flooded with junk like these, as I choose blogger mainly because of the Chinese ban ...)


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