Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blushing Baby

Since I have completely given up on eyeshadow (I never say no to clearance basket item though) let's shift my attention to something else! Blusher seems to be a nice choice since my skin doesn't look as buttock-like now it has warmed up a bit.
Addiction by Ayako (Although you guys all hate the blond model...) is one of the newer Japanese brand that I am interested in, Ayako (the Nars artist) is more daring compare to other Japanese line when it comes to color yet I could still find the colors wearable.

Anyway, I do like the simple and clean-cut, glossy black packaging, it looks minimalist but not cheap.My favorite one is Revenge (looks like a powder version of Nars Cactus Flower), what about you?

Just for your information, I am so not going to pay 30 dollars+ tax+mark up+shipping for this... (By the way, the blushes are currently around 40 bucks in Ichibankao.)

Another blush I have been liking is the blush from Xie Fu Chun, a traditional Chinese brand that dates back to the 1800s. The brand is most famous for their fragrance pouch with embroidery (it's like Chinese version of solid perfume) and loose powder scented as roses, jasmine, sweet olive and gardenia. Anyway, I personally am liking the powder blush (because I have a tendency to tip over loose powder and spill them everywhere) with a cute case made of china.

There is only one shade of blush (as the ingredients are of natural origin, they didn't have chemical in China back in 1800s.) which is a blue pink with a slight shimmer from mica. I guess a sheer blue pink blush can be universally flattering as it naturally goes well with neutral to cool skin tone and can bounce off the yellow on girls with more warmth on their skin. Oh, did I mention that these blushes are 40 RMB at retail...which is like 5 dollars?

While those two colors are quite pretty, my favorite blush color would be peach. Since that's how my baby blush looked like when I was a kid. There has been a baby picture tag going on and I just went ahead and tagged myself. (I was a pretty sarcastic kid and I always find it extremely difficult to smile for camera...hence the expression) At least now you know where I got my teeth from (sorry to blow your bubble, it's genetic)...A sweet and harmless one, can you imagine that I was a bully back in kindergarten? No, I didn't hit them with my piano-nerd-fist (as I am pretty much a wimp all my life) I just scared them with speech and my attitude...

Anyway, a while ago I was on that Chinese social network website and saw my ex-classmate, I sent her a message: "Hey, do you remember me? I bullied you when we were in XX kindergarten?"

"I sure do." She replied (and accepted my friend request.)
Bonus pictures of the guy (ahem, boy. Picture cropped to protect the unrelated) I liked back in elementary school, who is also the person who took all of my cool Japanese gel-pens, Sailor Moon stickers and Disney world craps...Is it funny that the ex-bully now get bullied by a kid who is even tinier (and more adorable, although I don't want to admit it) than her? Is it karma or am I just a prisoner of love ?(Click for HD music video)

I so miss my Sailor Moon stickers...

P.S. Speaking of blushes, have you guys seen the MAC meets Chantecaile collection (I named it myself)over Bjooti ? I wonder how much does that sea horse compact cost, if it's below 30 bucks, I am totally buying it...

P.P.S. Wow I didn 't know those Liberty of London lipstick can look so plastic-y (I will still check it out though, in case there is a shade I like)


  1. Cute pics...You're inspired today! By the way you look soooooo cute, just like a little doll in this 2nd pic. You have a nice taste, the boy is handsome, well, in the moment of the pic he was cute but know I think he must be handsome. lol

  2. Oh my god your kiddo-self is insanely adorable. When I was that small I had very curly hair... weird. I was also the bully of boys. :D

    The Chinese blush looks really pretty but I'd be weirded out by the scent, haha.

  3. sorry for asking but Why have you given up on eyeshadows? (I don't know if I wrote it right, I just don't know how to ask different)

  4. Cacau:
    I was seated next to him because we were the shortest kid in the whole class and I remember he always had those growing pills (like multi-vitamins not steroid) with him in sixth grade. Anyway, now I am just around average height 165cm-ish and I wonder if he is still that tiny...

    Oh, I gave up(buying more) because I am not very good at (terrible at, more like) applying eyeshadow unless it's some Japanese brands one (which are expensive to get in US)lip gloss is much more fun and user-friendly.

    P.S. You don't have to double check, I think you make less typos in English than I do. (Really.)

  5. Kim:
    I haven't sniff it (nor see it in real life) but I heard that the worst it can get would be smelling like some old-lady powder (maybe the pressed blush is not scented since I have never heard people mentioning it.)

    I have a cousin who had curly hair when she was little and then it grew out straight when she became adult.

  6. Ahahhaha, you were such a cute baby! I definitely sense some attitude from the pictures! XD
    Wow, your mom is pretty! Back then my mom was really good looking too, had the same kind natural effortless beauty like your mom...
    I didn't inherit none of that... -___-
    Sailor moon stickers!!! I brought mine here all the way from China! I think I still have them somewhere... When we played pretend, I was always Sailor Mercury...think I liked her for her blue hair...

  7. Just stumbled onto this blog and that baby picture is adorable. Do you know where I can find more information on Xie Fu Chun? Very interested in the brand.

  8. Daituf:
    Why are you still buying Nice choice on Sailor Mercury, she is the the smart one...I think I just dressed up as Sailor Moon herself.

  9. Beautywoome:
    If you can read Chinese, you can get some information at the Baidu Baike (China based search engine Baidu's online database) as well as the home page of Xie Fu Chun.

    You can try Google Translator for the Baidu page but since Chinese is quite different from English and there are a lot of historical/literary references in the article, it didn't make too much sense to me. You can also google Xie Fu Chun (or Xie Fuchun) and try to see what's available online but I personally didn't find anything worth mentioning.

    Last but not least, if you don't mind waiting a bit, I will feature the brand in my post later (this post is more like to prelude so my future post doesn't look like it came out of nowhere)once I have read enought blog reviews and organize enough information.

  10. The pictures were lovely. You were so cute as a baby! And still are :)

    The Chinese blush looks pretty too.

  11. Noooo, I don't still buy sailormoon stickers... that would be embarrassing :P
    I meant I brought them with me when i moved to north america... I was 11, so..
    Anyway, i can't find them anymore...i spent a lot of money on them too...what a waste...
    kids are stupid.

  12. I was very bad at eyes make up but frustrated about that I tried very hard and now I do lots of beauty looks on it (Today I think its easy). I'm taurus at zodiac and can't sleep when I don't know how to do something... It must be sttubbornness or cause woman here in brazil do oscar make ups even to go to the market- if you don't do it, Ill be like a messy lady...

  13. Daituf:
    Lol, I misread you...I have collected quite a few cute sailor moon sticker when I was a kid as well but my dad confiscated all of them *Jerk*

    Anyway, my golden moment was when I was in kindergarten and sailor moon were just out from TVB, an ojisan from my mom's workplace bought me a pleather red kiddy handbag that's it's actually patented Sailor moon brand (because the show was out in Japan a year in advance). The bag literally made me an royalty...
    I am a Tauraus too (I am premature by a month so I don't know if that counts)and if I put more than 2 items on my face I will look like a clown, I think this has more thing to do with lack of artistic gene...

  14. Wow, taurus too,cool! That's why you are a little bit sarcastic...and addicted to gloss...just like me! welcome to the taurus team ;)

  15. look so cute!!

  16. i love ADDICTION makeup. my fav blush is revenge mixed with crush ;)

  17. Notty Evil:
    Now I wish they bring it to US, I am totally sick of the Nars packaging that gathers dust like a the top of the fridge.


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