Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Red Lips Inspiration

I will (try to) talk minimally in this post as the pictures pretty much say everything.
Red lips black hair and vintage floral dress. I want a lip color like that! (Not sure how would it turn out since my skin is kind of gray...)
Just a little background information: The girl in the first four pictures is (sort of) a Chinese net idol called Zhang Xinyuan, who is currently a student at Central Academy of Drama in Beijing, as class of 2008 (in China they use the year you enter school to classify) but since I don't know if she was getting a bachelor degree or certificate, I don't know if she will graduate in 2011 or 2012.

Farewell to Lolita "Shoot"- Her mom/classmate are probably the ones who took many of these pictures but Xinyuan is a pretty good photographer herself. I find her quite fresh looking with the fair skin, long hair and clear eyes but ...

I really wonder what does she look like without circle lenses (I haven't seen her bare iris yet...) Anyway, the pictures are from her blog (no music diarrhea but there is a lot of pictures piled up in the home page and it take ages to load) and all of them seemed to be retouched as she/and her classmates who appears in photo with her all seem to have perfect smooth skin...

I personally don't mind that much since they don't look ridiculous (*cough* photoshopped chest on beauty blog *cough*)and they are intended to be aesthetically pleasing rather than informative.
Speaking of photoshop overload, Fan Bingbing is quite famous/notorious for it as she always use the tool to shed pounds in her shoots. I don't really care that much as usual since every magazine cover is heavily retouched anyway... But it does amuse me when...Kate Winslet looking like someone else in the L'Absolu Rouge Creme de Brillance poster (She does look more like her on the other poster though...)

What do you think about photoshop (my answer: it's none of my business), circle lenses (they scare me) and red lips (although I am inspired to wear red, I am actually in a coral kick right now...)?


  1. Hi!!

    Well, photoshop turns the photo prettier, for sure, but I'm tired of it. Really, really needing to see some natural beauty, cause with photoshop everybody can become gourgeous- Take a look at this post http://ricotanaoderrete.blogspot.com/2010/02/mal-da-barriga.html it's in portuguese but just look at the pictures, it's enough- and you'll realize what I said. Hate the circle lenses (what's the point?)

    And i love love love red lips. And I really like coral/orange ones (I use vegas volt a lot) but I don't know if they came to stay like the reds, specially the oranges.

    Have a nice day! =^.^=

  2. I am on a PINK lips craze nowadays! I haven't been wearing red lipstick for the longest time :) Circle lenses? I could never wear ANY forms or kinds of contact lenses :) Photoshop? I don't care too :)

  3. I love the red lips in all those pictures, but NOT on myself.

  4. Wow love the lips in the first one! I think her hair in the corset-top one is gorgeous as well.

  5. I know that net idol! a bit to well though.. i spend about 10 hours total working on a big drawing of her o_o; and photoshop - dont care, do it myself sometimes, as long as you dont like make yourself look like a mannequin . circle lenses - i own 6 pairs, though only use them for makeup shoots , red lips - eh.. too much :/

  6. Cacau:
    I have seen that one...but it didn't bother me that much as I am not that interested in bags (if I earn enough someday, I don't mind buying a Chanel though) and it's not that I think it's nice to be fake and pretty...It's just that everybody does it so for the people who don't, their ad poster might look boring...Right now after seeing so many of those, I am just jaded and no longer cares as long as people don't start to take my pictures and start to retouching them.
    Pink is for spring! I am more into Coral though...I am trying to see if I can get that OCC grandma lip tar with a semi-decent price...at least I don't want to pay 20 dollars for it including shipping.
    I can't say I like the look on me either...I usually look like an evil spirit wearing one.
    I like how her hair flows as well! From some really old video footage of FBB when she was in acting school, it seems that she is blessed with naturally thick and shiny black hair...jealous...
    Haha, you should put the picture up (or you did?) I do think those lenses looks really nice in photo but they just seems "off" when I see them up close or in real life.

  7. i like red lips but since i wear so much eyeshadow i dont think its possible for me

  8. I love red lips, but I find it really hard to pull them off :(

  9. Yumeko:
    Yeah, red lips with loads of eyeshadow can be a mouthful...
    Maybe you could tone down the color with some rosier gloss (like beige/brown kind of gloss)?


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