Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Jade Stuff - Fob Accessories Part II

It's time for an accessories post just for a change. I know many people say diamond is a girl's best friend, I personally think jade is more agreeable , while diamond all look the same. (For one thing, I can't tell how is it different from cubic zirconia) But there are many different texture, color and finish to chose from when it comes to jade. Another reason I like it because it's something unique to Chinese culture (as it keep you safe and sound) and it always look better on Chinese than on Caucasian (Just a personal preference, like how I don't particularly enjoy looking at vintage 50s style clothing or the Audrey Hepburn look on Asian ). Let take a look at the goodies!
First here is the best buy in my accessories collection.

A small tiny jade fish (fish rhymes with "Surplus and extra" in Chinese) necklace I bought more than 7 years ago for 10 RMB (which converts to a little more than 1 US dollars). I still think it's quite a steal regardless of the currency conversion rate as this is intricately hand made and the raw material are at decent quality.

The two decorative donuts (although not quite identical in size) but I love the transparency.  

Length adjusting knot for the necklace. So it changes between a choker to dangling one (longer than princess cut.)

To see how the necklace look like further away, you can go to my accessories flashback post. (First picture.)Another cheap flower bracelet found in those little store. (You know how American wear that kind of rubber wrist band as bracelet...This thing is just as common.)
Neither the design nor the material is that nice but overall it doesn't look too cheap. (Bracelets like this can be found quite easily in those accessories stores.)

An unnecessarily detailed knot for a simple hot pepper pendant (it's something you can find in any small craft material store for around 2-3 US dollars.)

An anklet I spent a long time bargaining for because of that coin.

Soybean my mom got me in a small jeweler. I have to admit that jade is quite difficult to photograph (at least with my amateur camera) as the actual pendent has a really nice and minty green tinge on the smooth surface. (In the picture it just looks milky green.)

I have been wanting a jade bangle for a long time and mom got me this as a "toy" since the pretty one are pretty darn expensive (scarier than Cartier) I like how smooth and cool it feels on the skin but this does indeed look quite grandma...


  1. I know eh! Those jade bangles can get as expensive as a house!!! Supposedly it's good for your health and cure all your sickness...the expensive ones...sheesh...
    I think jade's quite hip these days. Been seeing them everywhere!

  2. I actually haven't jade at many places beside the Chanel fall 2009 collection I don't like how they treat it like a western type of gem though.

  3. That's quite a collection! The soybean is too cute. I've taken a lot of Chinese art classes in my day, and I always loved looking at ancient jade stuff. It's so beautiful.

  4. Stephanie:
    The soybean is my second favorite of the bunch(the fish was too good of a deal for me) and I wish I can take better photo for it...

  5. i love jade jewelry! the soybean and fish are adorable :D


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