Sunday, February 07, 2010

China Glaze Rainbow of Hope - Conquer Cancer in Color

It's seems that China Glaze has finally heard my praying (more like complains) regarding the massive supply of breast cancer awareness items in the market...Here is the China Glaze Rainbow of Hope collection- with a rainbow (plus black,white and gray)of colors, each represents a type of malignant tumor found on human body. According to the interview from Nailpro Magazine, 18% of the proceeding will go to one of the five research agencies (they didn't mention which 5, I hope they are not shady) picked by China Glaze people.

Just looking at the display, it seems that each color does reminds me something from their previous collections and instead of "White -lung cancer", can't they give these a better name, like "A breath of fresh air" or something like that... (At least Urban Decay renamed all of their old shades for that Alice palette.)

Old or new, I think I am liking Ovarian Cancer and Testicular cancer so far and I might pick one or both of them up if I spot them in Ulta. What do you think about this collection? Gimmick or cool?

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