Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mint Sprint Sparkle and a Lip Combo

First here is a nail combo featuring Sally Hansen Insta Dri nail color in Mint Sprint (a green teal in cream finish, one of the new shades added to the Insta Dry line for spring 2010) and a magenta-white-blue glitter polish from Borghese that I got after Christmas.
The glitter top coat simply give the polish a little bit of blue shift (wrong usage, blue shift means increase in frequency in Doppler shift as the observer approaches the observed don't care about physics, do you?) to the green and makes it more wearable for me.

The lipstick I am holding (I need to hold something, seriously) is the discontinued Lancome Satin Fuchsia, which I have probably mentioned for the 1037 times in this blog. Glittery top coat is an excellent tool to distract yourself from the tip wear and chipping (my polish chip within an hour because of my typing habit) I am really loving this Sally Hansen polish and maybe I will get a golden glittery polish on top of it to see how it will turn out. The glitters give a metallic sheen, love it!

And since I was holding the Lancome lipstick anyway, here is a lip combo using Satin Fuchsia along with my all-time-favorite gloss, (Japanese drugstore brand) Babypink lip jelly in Mulberry.
There is actually nothing technical about the combo. I applied some Lancome Satin Fuchsia as a stain by dabbing it on the upper lips then spread the bit of lipstick by smacking. Le rouge absolu has smooth but not overly creamy formula and finish that I actually prefer it over YSL rouge volupte (yes I caved).

The stained lips are topped with a bit of Babypink lip jelly, which is where my very first lip gloss was from (I got my first gloss when I was a tween) and has remained my favorite lip gloss brand (when it comes to overall performance/price) for 7 years and counting.
I wish US brand would come up with something like Babypink gloss, which has the right amount of pigmentation, no fragrance, very smooth but not glassy finish and a cute tube design that never get scratched or worn out.


  1. Am I weird to notice your nice white teeth and nothing else in this post? LOL Do you use anything special to get them that sparkly white (other than brushing and flossing like everyone should do everyday)?

  2. K.Lo:
    I shoot them in strong sun

    I do get them cleaned regularly over my dentist's place and find that method the most helpful of them all. I have used those whitening strips from crest (before they came up with the super adhesive ones) I have notice the whitening effect but I don't find the effect long lasting or obvious enough to worth that 24 bucks per year investment (Ok, I don't think it worked at all). Then crest came up with the advanced seal one last year, which sort of worked better but the effect is really just getting rid of the stain (what teeth cleaning does anyway) and hurt the xxxx of out my gum.

    Beside those, I have some "tips" (I guess).
    1. I don't drink caffeinated drink like coke or coffee that often. (My obsession is Gatordate.)

    2. Use electrical tooth brush (just those crest on on sale in CVS for 6 bucks) since sometime people brush too hard and they will hurt the tooth enamel and make them more susceptible to staining. I am not that kind of person, I am just too lazy to move.

    3. I find American toothpaste way too sweet, so I just spend 1-2 more dollars on the Korean grocery store brand LG bamboo salt (it's not salty-just not as sickening sweet).

    4. If I do drink coffee or eat something staining (like with soy sauce), I rinse my mouth afterward. Some people are anal that they have to brush their teeth after they eat (that got to hurt the tooth-enamel), I eat all the time so I just rinse or eat an apple afterward.

    5. Don't bother with the whitening gum.

    6.Professional cleaning is really more reliable than the rest, because you are dealing with a person who have years of education instead of a company who bombards you with marketing strategies than substantial, long lasting effect. And I don't think one time cleaning is that much more expensive than the crest advanced seal junk they sell either...

  3. I love seeing your lip swatches because you have such nice teeth!

  4. your lip photo with a huge smile looks so pretty !sorry, I have to say, your teeth is perfect! :)

  5. Asami:
    I like to see my lip swatches because I have nice teeth too! (Kidding, but I do get scared when a lip swatcher smiles and you can see plaque on her teeth....scary stuff.)

    Thanks, sometime my mouth get so big that it's all you can see on my


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