Saturday, January 09, 2010

LA Splash Liquid Eyeliner Revisit

I have reviewed the LA Splash eyeliner a while ago over here. I just think they deserve better pictures than the old ones.
The metallic finished ones are the best of the bunch. (The purple one is missing, someone might have taken the tester away...)

Shimmery one with dark base are not that bad either. But they seems to cake easily. The glittery ones are the worst. They are bland and dull. Highend glitter liners/mascara seems to carry sharper glitter flecks.

Here is the display box. 6 Dollars is a bit too much for drugstore liner (at least for me) but the quality of some are comparable to the liquid eyeliner from Urban Decay and Too Faced.


  1. Oh the glitter look awful...

  2. The blue and green look pretty... where can I find these because I've never seen them around?

  3. rayqueenbee:
    It available in big grocery stores for what I have heard. I have also seen those in ULTA as well.

  4. I hate those glittery ones too and they never work for me! But bosh, your first picture is gorgeous! it was perfectly taken ! :)

  5. I like the brown one. I wear brown eyeliner a lot. Thanks for the swatches :)

  6. Thanks for the swatches. The green and blue ones are very pretty. The glitter liners look awful though.


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