Friday, December 04, 2009

Lasplash Glitter Liquid Eyeliner (Great products, shitty pictures) grocery store introduced a great line of eyeliner, the day my camera broke...Anyway, for those of you who love colorful liquid eyeliner, keep an eye on this brand, Lasplash (Or LA Splash? ) The swatch is a bit horrible as it's the last picture taken by my camera before it drop dead on me (I will be extra descriptive when it comes to the text to make up for the bad pictures.)

The first thing caught my eyes about LAsplash is those glitter eyeliner because you just don't seen budget brands doing glitter that often, it's even rarer to see a drugstore eyeliner that's not in those standard Christmas shades.

Huntington fish scale glitter
Golden Abalone gold -yellow glitter
Sparkling Crystal clear iridescence (like too faced feeling smurfy or Urban decay distortion )
Sparkling Ocean Spray light teal medium sized glitter
Fuchsia Fusion trashy hot pink glitter
Onyx semi opaque black base with deep green shimmer
Abyss creamy opaque black with silver glitter
Royalty semi opaque cobalt base with matching glitter

Anyway, the plain glitter ones (with clear base) are quite ugly in real life. First the base doesn't dry clear like Urban Decay or Too Faced and leaves a muddy trail of drools/glue in faint yellow, faint teal. Each piece of glitter are 1/2 the size of what you see on high end ones and they appear to be very dull so the gold appear yellow and silver appears to be white.

The glittery eyeliner with a base are much better, not only the base is nice and opaque, the micro-glitter (instead of medium sized)appears to be brighter from the dark base. These are a big notch up from the plain glittery ones but the fun doesn't stop the quality has another leap in the other row. Look at these 8 Colorful liquid eyeliner!

Charcoal gunmetal
Black matte black
Perfect Storm matte, cobalt blue
Island Blue sky blue (looks bit cheap)
Poison Ivy- emerald green with matching shimmer
Teal Mania- Greenish teal
Ship Wreck copper coppery brown
Purple Sponge egg plant

These liquid eyeliner all have very nice pigmentation and they all create a satin finish: It shows up like a very nice and creamy pencil eyeliner but the liquid texture means that it has a closer fit to the skin. They are not as metallic as those Too Faced Metal eyed eyeliner or liquid liner from Urban Decay but the finish is prettier than the colors are more saturated than both and the lasting power is quite good. I am liking all shades beside the baby blue, which looks a bit trashy.

Overall, these LAsplash liquid liners (don't bother with the glitter ones) are very neat for 6 dollars (same as Prestige)as the pigmentation, shades and lasting power are comparable/if not better than Urban Decay. Do check them out if you happen to see them in store.

P.S. For people who want to complain about the blurry swatch and my ashy skin...At least I am not swatching the liner using cellphone picture...

P.P.S There are also colored mascara from LAsplash but I though it would be unhygienic to swatch them on my lashes and pointless to swatch them on my hand (since the color are the same as their liquid eyeliner) .


  1. I remember seeing these for around $3 at Meijer... when did they raise the prices?!?!? $5.99? Outrageous...

  2. They were 3 bucks? Wow, consider my local gorcery store has the same price range as wal-mart...


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