Thursday, January 28, 2010

Don't freak out, I got pretty pouts!

By far the cheesiest title on Citrine's Blog...Anyway, to flush down my recent "musing" (Haha, starting yesterday, my blog pictures are flagged as inappropriate in Google Image, again...) Here are some pretty pictures I want to share from the March 2010 issues of Voce magazine. Of course,the post is mainly about Anna Sui!
Although Anna Sui has officially entered the "overkill" stage for their makeup packaging, their lipstick still look very nice on the gorgeous model though (Duh...). In my opinion this picture would be perfect if the model's fingers aren't stubby.

This spread is about the revamped lip rouges and since those lipstick looks a bit scary no matter how they shoot the pictures, I have decided to only post the picture of the girl, who is allegedly wearing Rouge D - 270, which got to be the most natural looking dazzling lipstick I have seen.

Another pair of pretty pout- This spread is about getting that innocent, pouty and youthful look by only wearing lipstick on the center of the lips.
Anna Sui rouge G is featured in the post as well as Givenchy and a random high end gloss (30 something bucks) that looks like blood clogs on the model.
By the way, aren't the pout/cupid's bow of the model so cute?
A soft and romantic spring look (although the eyes are bold) with blue-pink lips, does the model look familiar to you? It's the same girl from Addiction by Ayako website (Ayako was a NARS makeup artist) . I think I kind of like her (consider I don't fall for blonde all that often.) since she does seem fairly versatile.

Last but not least, a picture of Fan Bing Bing with bright pink lips, did I mention that I really love this kind of look on people with black hair and pasty skin? (Like me. lol.) Seriously, If I use red lipstick I will always turn out looking like an evil spirit in those Stephen Chou movies...

Edit: To make Pixie sane and is the Ayako model with mascara. Picture was edited using meitu xiu xiu, the Chinese photoshop for dummies and fobs (like me) . You will be able to find it if you can read in Chinese (if you can't the website will look like ??????? to you.


  1. yay inspiration to dress up my lips for this spring!~~domo!
    haha you have detailed eyes..i motion your observation on the stubby fingers - bad angle

    i would definitely turn my head and look at fan bing bing ~ captivating features on asian

    do you think Lynn Hung doi lam and her is rather similar? (model in HK - rumored Aaron Kwok's gf - casted in IP MAN movie)

  2. I guess they are similar in a way that they both have pale skin, big eyes, the inverted egg shaped face and straight nose and they are both Chinese?

    Beside those, I personally think they look completly different to me, and if you want details

    1) Fan Bing Bing has a straight forehead with pointier chin (so some people call her the "ice pick" face) while Hung has a widow's peak and her face is more angular at the jaw.

    2)Fan's nose is slightly hooked while Hung's nose is very straight and sharp looking.

    3) Fan has a shaply but still soft brows while Hung's brow are a lot more arched (and looks filled in)

    4) Fan has wide double-eyelid herself so when she hold it up with falsie or tape, she gets a very round eyed dolly look while Hung is more matural-looking.

    5)Hung shows a lot lot lot more skin than Fan.

    6) Overall, Hung has a modern appeal while Fan looks more classic to me.

    Yeah, I personally think they are not very similar. Anyway, in some angle (I have went through 100 pictures to confirm my first impression) Hung looks like Japanese model/actress Ito Misaki though.

  3. Oh how I wish the one with the green eyeshadow would have worn mascara!

    It happened to me once, a couple of years ago when I'd just started my new job. I had to get up pretty early, so one day I did my full face, but forgot the mascara! It bothered me all day, and since then I've never forgotten it.

    Maybe that's not quite the reason she isn't wearing mascara BUT STILL!

  4. Pixie:
    We both have own

  5. love the cupids bow!! i'm having lip envy..

  6. Perfect girl on 2nd the lips! But the blonde scared me!

  7. It looks better with mascara... but....

    SHIT! She needs some liner too!

    And eye brows

    And and and...


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