Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Official Sites: The Cool and the Creepy

The Cool
According to Kanebo Kate and Nakashima Mika- There is no more rule in makeup...

Addiction by Ayako- Are you addicted to red lipsticks?

Shiseido Maquillage- Feminine, trendy with a touch of edge. (Soon to be replaced by the Iconiq nobody... *sighs*)

The Creepy

Edward Bess - Are you in team Edward? (Look at the turtle necks of the two models on the left.)
It seems that our dear Edward only picks models who are not as pretty as him. (This girl reminds me of George W. Bush.)
Christian Louboutin -The mad genius...



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. ahhh i love nakashima mika ! she is my favoriteee girl crush ever!

  3. Sara:
    You should go to his facebook fan page, there is one picture of him with(harrassed by, more like) his fans, it was hilarious.

    I hope their necks were photoshopped...

    Nakashima does seems quite unique and edgy (and amiable), a perfect choice for Kate.

  4. Okay, eew at the Edward Bess pictures :( His hair looks super greasy! *sigh* And to think, he's so cute with short hair...

  5. Shao: I think he is going for that sexy tousled look. (I actually didn't pay attention to his hair at all, the turtleneck models were way too overwhelming...)

  6. how many years already for kate having mika nakashima..uu i luv her hana no yuki song...brr brr soulful

    iconiq WHO? nooo i like anna tsuchiya!!! for maquillage

    creepy indeed for edward bess models~not flattering angle..twisted neck


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