Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Your Skin Makeup

Hands down to Sally Hansen Natural Beauty, another keeper (sort of) from the Carmindy line!
Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Your Skin Makeup is another well rated item from the Carmindy line. I have been quite happy with most products I have tried especially the lipstick so I decided to cave in and try the foundation when I had a coupon from ULTA (they mail you those coupon periodically). There are 6-8 shades available in the range, I normally go for the second to the lightest shade (I am pale but not Scandinavian kind of pale) when it comes to any base product but they seems to be either too dark or too yellow for me so this time I went ahead and pick the lightest shade called porcelain. As it looks like an exact match to the area below my neck.

The shade picking skill was an epic fail as it totally turn me into an geisha. I can't really get an exact shade match unless I am using foundation at my belly. Beside the weird shade, the foundation doesn't feel heavy but covers well. There is not much color transfer and the foundation is rather long lasting, I left it on overnight to see if it would cost allergic reaction (yes, I am nut, don't try it at home, kids.) and it passed.


  1. I swapped for another one of the Carmindy foundations (not sure if it's the same as this) and it's sort of nasty on me. It's like way too much comes out of the pump, and when it's on the skin it transfers like crazy. Maybe it's been improved by now though!

  2. Ooh, I hear good things about this foundation. How's the coverage?

    Also, have you seen this foundation chart? I find it super helpful.

  3. Pixie:
    I think we are talking about the same tube (since the foundation was out last year and I never see a revamped/improved version)

    Thanks for the chart.(It would be a life saver...but I usually don't use foundation so I don't even know what to compare the shade to)I bought this Sally Hansen foundation more like for no reason whatsoever, it's alright britening my undereye area (since it's so light) and can hide some of those acne marks (that fade fairly quickly by themselves anyway) so I don't know what kind of coverage you want anyway...

  4. Is this foundation for pale people with pink undertones??
    thanks plz answer

  5. Brittney:
    I think it is (it doesn't seem too yellow to me and it is indeed pretty light).


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