Monday, December 07, 2009

Revlon Holliday/Spring Collection: Luxurious Eyeshadow, Color Burst Lipstick and more

Revlon surprised me with their fashion forward purple-theme fall collection (I realized that I still have one item left to review) and I didn't know that they would come up with another promising collection for the holidays and new year...Well, I was amazed by the auntie brand, again...
First there are new shades for their foundation (like I care), 4 less gaudy looking long lasting lip gloss and two in-you-face festive looking eyeshadow singles in gold and silver (yeah, my phone made it look green and purple, yikes...) There are also 2 luminance quads, I am guessing they are either in loose powder from or the packaging changed a seems that the bulbs are filled with color as well. Anyway, the two quads reminds me of that hard-to-pull-off MAC eyeshadow trio in their MAC in lilyland collection.

The real gem in this collection are the luxurious eyeshadow single (I was wondering when is revlon comming up with new eyeshadow single since the matte one from last year). I have yet to see something this pretty from a drugstore shadow pan (or even high end!) : The each shadow feature a mysterious color in a satin base and is infused with obvious (but not tacky) micro glitters...

There is a deep chocolate brown and a deep plummy eggplant that caught my eyes immediately as the micro glitter shine line stars in the rich and dark background...
For the lip makeup lover. There is a new range called Color Burst Lipstick. Judging from the poster, they all seems to be in semi-glossy cream finish (shimmery Revlon lipstick are quite tacky, for what I have seen.) and the color all seem quite unique. At a glance, I though the taupy purple, fuchsia and rosy-pink are all quite nice.

There is also a base makeup collection called Photo Ready. they are either new shades from existing line or new products. (I never paid attention to foundation/concealer/powder from collections, just so you know.)

Oh, it looks like the crappy cellphone pictures are here to stay before I found a good deal on camera (when I say good deal, I mean something like 30 bucks lol.)


  1. The lippie and f/d range seem interesting. I can't wait to see these but still waiting to see the purple fusion collection in my local store.

  2. rayqueenbee:
    Have you tried CVS? It's out but placed in a very unnoticeable corner in my local store. Anyway, they would be out eventually because I think all those lipsticks are new color rather than limited.

  3. The eye-shadows look interesting! :D Ah, I still want to buy prolly half of the stuff, although Revlon eye-shadows are not really my greatest experience so far.

  4. Shilka:
    I am not too fond of revlon eyeshadow either...but some of their lip products are very nice.

  5. The lipsticks look interesting. The eyeshadows are pretty too, but I'm wondering if the quality is good too.

  6. gio:
    The eyeshadow are a lot better looking than the pictures (it's a cell phone bought I don't know how many years ago) in fact when I tried to get one of those today, they are all gone...

  7. They only had the white one for tester here... it was nice i suppose... can't really judge.
    I really like Maybelline's new stuff! Have u tested out their baked duo eyeshadow? i'm no expert on baked shadows, but it seems good, no?
    And what r ur thoughts on those CG stick shadow things? Pretty colors they have...

  8. I haven't seen any of those maybelline baked shadow down here (and rarely have drugstore tester in here so I sort of have to chip in to try...I doubt would because I don't like any Maybelline I have gotten.) and I personally don't feel much for those thing baked (beside food) because they tend to be sheer, gritty and fade much quicker than the traditional pressed powder not to mention they are just as chemical...

    As of the stick shadow, I have seen pictures online but I am more of a powdered shadow person.


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