Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Revlon Passion Fusion Collection

If you flip through magazines like in Style, Glamor or Vogue you might notice that deep purple is quite popular color in clothing...I do love purple as it's quite flattering and easy to work with (every year there are 2 months in which my skin is literally that color).

That's why I was pretty happy to see a drugstore line full of purple: Revlon Passion Fusion collection for fall. I have dissed Revlon far too many times in the blog but I have to admit, I do love several lip products and a nail color from them very much (Now I wonder why I haven't include them in my 10 favorite lip gloss post...Maybe it's time for a revision.)

Anyway, Passion Fusion is a collection of new lipsticks, some nail color and other thing...since they are not all limited edition , so you can sure wait a while for a sale.

First there is a Color Stay eyeshadow quad called Sunrise Sunset (it does remind me of the color of sky around 7pm when the sun is just hanging there, making the surround area looks like airy version of ametrine)I don't know how to work the colors as the yellow just seems too yellow for me and the plum will bound to look like bruise. I still like how the purple is though.

Four nail polishes, the last shimmer free creamy plum is (supposedly) worn by Jessica Alba in the picture...It could look fairly interesting but I personally don't like to wear nail colors that are too dark.

There are also 6 new lipsticks. The soft pink and fuchsia both have pearly (aka shimmery) finish, which is a little bummer because I always found anything shimmery fuchsia a bit tacky and drugstore shimmery lipsticks can be very dry-draggy sometimes (shimmer makes my lips look huge too).

Luckily, the red, berry, violet and chocolate are all in cream finish. I think the violet and chocolate can look very stunning/vampy on pale girls with cool/pale skin tone (not saying it looks bad on Jessica Alba, I just like her wearing warm colors better.) the berry should be a safe color if I were to try it (as it usually turn into a shade of hot pink).

Then here is something that's really interesting, an Illuminance creme quad (wait, didn't I just bashed the Illuminance cream quad a while ago?)

Well, this is a little different. Revlon give it an edgier nickel like packaging (I sense a bit of a Shiseido Maquillage vibe in here) and it's not just a shadow quad.

The first two pans can be used as eyes and cheek color while the last two are lip stain! Ok, my lips are red enough without staining (actually Benefit Benetint makes me look like I just ate some animal alive) but the idea of the palette is just very cool and you all know that I love pretty packaging.

Since the palette is actually limited edition, I picked it up with no hesitation while hoping they would have some 3 dollars off coupon around (my grocery store uses in store coupon instead of mark a discount price to separate them from some drugstore, CVS, tend to advertise a price then ring in another when people check out...and many people don't bother to check...) guess what, it just so happen that Revlon is the discounted brand of the week so this palette only ended up costing 2.6 dollars!

I wanted to pick up those Stila Barbie (or the pearl palette 50% off at Sephora) but isn't it just so much more fun having 5-6 drugstore products to play with?


  1. You know what? I have to admit, I am dying of Revlon products recently because I've realized I don't own a lot of their stuffs, I do own just a couple of Revlon nail polishes (which are great by the way) and recently, I just ordered Revlon's Custom Creations foundation in Light and LIght Medium, now with your post, I am wanting to try more ;0 Thanks

  2. I hate the powder quad :-P. (The second colour looks kind of nice, but I think I have a similar one somewhere.)
    But I like what they've done with the cream one. Great idea ;). Can't wait for the review.

  3. I have two of the Revlon Creme Shadows and I really like them :D But the colors in this new one look quite scary >.< I hope they come out with more colors with the same concept with the lips!! Can't wait for a review!

    The orange-y nail color looks awesome though!~

  4. Nikki:
    Many people love Revlon because it one of the more expensive drugstore brands...I am OK though, I grabbed a bunch of their stuff whenever the 3-bucks off sale went on...but there are several of their lip gloss that I love quite a bit.

    I guess you have to wait a while before I do the review, I need a sunny day to take good picture as my camera isn't sensitive to dim light.

    Angelic BB:
    I believe it's not really orange or coral since the shade is called electric pink...my camera can be quite off when the lighting is yellow.

    I think I still reserve my though about the quad, at least I don't really like the one for eyeshadow that much. The color isn't that great of a layering piece.

  5. I've never tried purple lipstick in my life! Is that weird? Maybe I should. :)

  6. Asami:
    You have good reason not to, I have 3 purple toned lip gloss
    1)MAC tendertone makes me look dead
    2)A Wet n Wild LE gloss with purple sheen makes my lips look like slugs
    3)MAC opal lustre glass makes my lips look like sausage and dead.

    But those lilac lips seems to fashionable though, I think I will just get a cheap one from Revlon because it seems to fashionable...and (after coupon) it's only 3 bucks, I could eat one less chicken sandwich.

  7. Haha! Slugs... that does not sound flattering. :D :D

    I guess it's always worth a try; I never know what will work with me until I give it a shot. I tend to gravitate towards peach/tans, light pinks and nude lipsticks though because I have big lips. (If I wear a red or anything dark like that, it's like my whole face is just lips. They draw far too much attention that way and I prefer to play up my eyes.)

    Still though! I'm going to keep an eye out for this display. If anything, for the polishes. :) :)

  8. I just stumbled across your blog and I heart it! Thanks for all the great info! I'm so excited for this Revlon collection! Have a great day!

  9. Hi there - where did you purchase the items from the Revlon Fusion Collection?

  10. Asami:
    The nail polish actually looks pretty bleh in real life so don't put too much hope. Anyway, the Berry lipsticks is pretty cool though, I love it when I layer the color with a lilac gloss.

    Thanks! Actually the collection was already out a week ago (before I even do this post) in Target and the collection picture is already on ULTA weekly sale flier (they are BOGO this week)so do check out those places if you live near one.

    It's already available in my local Target/Grocery store and Ulta...CVS and Walgreen should get it slightly later but definitely in the near future as it's a fall collection (Walgreen usually have those thing out faster than CVS).

    P.S Most of my spy cam post are done in a grocery store because they have very nice lighting and plenty of room.

  11. I'm still waiting for this collection to come out in NYC. I can't wait! I love purple lipsticks. It actually compliments my skin tone. I also like the powder eyeshadows. I've never been disappointed with any Revlon products. Anyone know when I can expect this out in NYC stores like Duane Reade, Walgreens, CVS?

  12. Do you know if this collection is discontinued because I was searching my local CVS and they stated that they didn't get those in. I really want that purple lipstick and the Fuschia one too. I am dying to get it but nowhere near me has it.

  13. Anonymous (#2?)
    They are already out at the end of Nov in my local CVS and Walgreens. I am not sure how it works in NYC becuase I am pretty far south.

    For what I know, the lipsticks are not limited edition (they are new colors according to the poster) so they should be out eventually in when Revlon phase out old colors and add those in. Anyway, Target was the first to add those in my area.


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