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Accessories Flashback : Earrings Galore and More

When it comes to dressing up, instead of makeup I much prefer do it with accessories, clothes. Simply because I am not used to loading up my face with chemicals plus I do have strong features to start with (on the bright side, I never get washed out in yearbook picture) adding one extra color is more than enough for me. Actually in real life I am just too lazy to dress up with anything.

I use to be obsessed with earrings the same degree as I am obsessed with lip gloss right now so here is a flashback post about my accessories a few years back. (These pictures were all taken a while ago with my old HP camera , neither the quality nor my skill was good. )

Winter 2005 Part of my bling bling collection back then. I loved anything with beads and was constantly wandering around in Hobby Lobby looking for pearl, Swarovski (glass) beads and natural semiprecious chips.

Btw, the pretty black horn comb comes from a friend of my mom. (It's random, those aunties like to give be combs as gifts) I left it on the bed and slept on cracked. Anyway, if you see those comb in China, keep in mind that the darker the horn, the stiffer and more rigid it is so it's more likely to break.
I remember that I got this pair of earrings from JC penny mainly because it was green. It's sterling with some olive Swarovski beads. It's not really super tiny or dainty. I wore it for a few times and my friend who sat next next to me never realized that I have my ear pierced. (I doubt she is fashionably insensitive, since she is studying at Parsons now...)

Little 14K gold dolphin from a friend. (Walmart has a sale where 3 pairs of 14K gold was selling for 12 bucks.)

Spring 2006
Lesson learned, don't go for hoop (no matter how small) if you have round chubby face.

Sterling butterfly , it's pretty but it doesn't dangle.

Summer 2006 I went to China for Summer vacation, beside the loads of food I have gulped (All my cousins have called me pig as I never really stopped munching.) I got a few cute bracelets and earrings added to my collection.

Guest appearance of gray bunny (his actual name) and a cheap "jade" bagel I got from a market in China for 10 RMB (1.25 US dollars). It looks kind of OK from this side, the other side the green is really poopy and nasty. What do you expect? A really good jade bracelet can costs several thousands (in US dollars) .

I used to love sterling silver so much back then, they are just so shiny and pretty...Well, before they tarnish...(I believe there are many places that sells Tiffany copy cats. Maybe this is on of those...)

I am not a big fan of Hello Kitty, but I love mickey mouse! I robbed this canvas tote from my mom, who was apparently too old for it. The canvas is rather soft (doesn't have a solid shape) so I can just toss it in the washer whenever it's dirty.

I can't use it as a book bag though, since the straps are too thin and my books are too heavy. It just puts too much pressure on my shoulders.

I personally prefer bold earrings a lot better than the cute dainty ones. The bad part is that they tend to cause allergic reaction on me.

My first and probably all time favorite lip gloss Babypink. (I use it till the very last drop). YSL baby doll is my first bottle of real perfume, I love the grapefruit and rosy scent.

My mom isn't really that much of a jewelery person, so when I ask her if I can have two pairs of her earrings she didn't think much and just gave them to me.

They are real and they are fake, in a sense that the lower is indeed Dior (I am not that brand conscious, as I only know Dior and Chanel...) but they are just clip on costume jewelry...I guess that's why I didn't take good care of those and accidentally step on the Dior a few weeks later.

No hard feeling, they are costume jewelry anyway, now I can use the two charm on some gold chain...If I have one. (My mom didn't really know that I have stepped on those anyway, I remember when I was a kid, she was quite pissed when I broke a good piece of jade pendent she gave me. )

Despite the bad picture, this cloisonne necklace from mom is actually really pretty and it goes really well with those Chinese dresses. (I don't have any formal dress but I have a few Chinese qipao with nice quality, I love them!)

All-in-one goodness: Butterfly, mickey mouse (see the bottom) and flowers...It's pretty tarnished (that it's almost black) by now.

Yeah, beside floral, I have a thing with butterfly as well. (That's why I like Anna Sui?) A few days after I got this, I realized that I am just way too lazy to put anything on my hair, so I gave it to a niece.Black plastic rimmed glasses, they make me feel like Hamburglar so I went back to my normal nerdy glasses and just used it as a back up.

My mom's friend (she has lots of friends who buy random stuff for me since I was little) got me this (mom said that this cost 100 HK dollars/ 12.5 US dollars and I was like "I wouldn't even buy it if it were 25HKD...I am such a jerk.) it's pretty cute nevertheless.

Summer 2007
I continued to get new earrings every once in a while and decided to document my collection when I had time during summer.

I got this in China back in 2006 actually. (It's one of the few earrings I am still keeping today.) Since it's already vintage looking, it's didn't tarnish like the rest of my earrings.

Blue agate bead (China 2006 again). I lost it among my pile of mess already.

Target Swarovski AB beaded ones. I grew to dislike these Swarovski beads later, they are just glasses...natural quartz are so much prettier.

Citrine briolette earrings.(I came up with the screen name out of nowhere and for some reasons became very active in that forum where people stared to call me "Citrine". In fact, I don't pay attention to this color at all.) I thought they look boring so I bought some bending tools and silver wire and added some pearl on the chain before giving it to a friend.

Cute little beads with peridot chips from China. This one is actually tarnish free so I am keeping it up to this very day .

The garnet is so deep (looks cherry under strong light) that it disappeared in my hair right away.

That's all of my mainly-earring accessories collection flashback, I grew out of the girly stage already (As it took me less than 2 months to adapt the freebie-t-shirt-shorts-sneakers geek style.) By now I have given most the blings away, just keeping the one that are worth keeping.

There will be an update of my accessories in a month or two, just because I feel like taking pictures and talking about my junk...


  1. beautiful haul!oh, u do play piano?

  2. Ning:

    Most of them are gone for good already...As for the piano part 99.9 % of the Chinese in US play the piano. The stereotype is actually very accurate...

  3. You have a very pretty accessories collection!

  4. Gio:

    Apparently I don't thin they are pretty enough to cherish...I mainly posted these to show how uglier my pictures were a while back...

    I do have a condensed collection pictures up with prettier stuff and photo, it will take a while to post them up.

  5. Hi... just happen to cross your site... I see that you also love Mickey Mouse... me too...

    Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some Mickey stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

    I will definitely take tones of photos with Mickey and Minnie!!!

  6. Hi Minako:
    Whenever I went to Hong Kong, I tend to get overwhelmed by the food and forget about everything else, so I doubt it will change the next time I go...

    Those little stuff are cute, I believe that I am a bit too old for wearing mickey on my shits, I love them on the fork/cosmetic pouch or little necklaces though.


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