Monday, November 02, 2009

Too Faced Gives me Starry Eyes

I have swatched these Too Faced Glitter liner a while ago over here, in my post, I complained about how sheer these liner are for the price tag and said I would never want to buy them...But if there is a nice set on sale, that would be a totally different story...For one thing, you don't need that much glitter to get a nice effect anyway another thing is that: If 17.5 dollars for a tube of eyeliner is expensive, what about 8...For four of them...
Too Faced official site had a set of four mini (2.5ml instead of 4ml) eyeliner in Ooh and Ahh, Super Freak, Stalkerazzi and Mad, Mad love and the set was on sale for 10 bucks (before the 20% off coupon code!) I seriously can't find a reason not to try them even I didn't think I love them that much.
It really takes a sunny day to show how starry these Too Faced glitter liner are: Each shade has glitter in different color and they reflect light in a slightly different angle. It would be even better and more Starry-Night if it has different kinds/size of glitter, it's not Lunasol so I don't expect too much from it anyway.

These glittery eyeliner would give an eye-opening effect if used alone (The light pink one Mad, Mad Love looks best applied that way) and I like to layer them on top of eyeliner to make the look more interesting. I wish the base is not as watery though, since the liner does smudge off my powder/cake eyeliner if I use it on top (maybe an water proof liquid liner should work better.) Another bad thing about this liner is the fact that they don't set easily and the glitter doesn't dry fast and they have a tendency to travel everywhere: including into my eyes. I didn't realize the pointlessness of this swatch until I have uploaded it(other pictures make my skin look gray) . It's Stalkerazzi (gold and black glitter) on top of Nars Pandora as eyeliner. My upper lid ate away all the color (from the light pink and fuchsia ones)as usual...Well, at least you get to see how well Pandora works as an eyeliner, even when it's smudged a bit.

Anyway, do you like glitter? If you do, how do you wear it and if you don't...Sorry, there would be more glitter coming up in this blog...


  1. I always like glitters but everytime I try to use it, it just won't work for me :)

  2. word. I think glitter liners are so awesome to look at, but on me its a disaster..

  3. cherry culture is having a sale on NYX that is where i had gotten mine. They also sent me a code yesterday NS20 for an additional 20% off. Offer ends tomorrow.

  4. I tried the sephora glitter liners the other day...
    man, it was disgusting... all clumpy and got everywhere...
    Not a fan...

  5. I like glitter in tasteful amounts. Currently I'm crushing on Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Liners!

  6. pandora makes for great eyeliner! i always have difficultly lining the bottom lid... what kind of brush did you use?

    glitter always ends up in my eyes too... definite dealbreaker.

  7. Nikki:
    Glitter are not that friendly on people with dry skin...I think they kind of itch. (In my case my complain is that they like to get in my eyeball)
    Yeah, especially for those high end glitter line, they just looks so pretty in the tube. Anyway, I was crying after using these starry-eyed liner anyway, they scratched the heck out of my eyeballs...
    Thanks for the code...I kind of reckon it's Cherry Culture because that's the only NYX site I know. I missed all those sales because I was indecisive on what to get. (Chances are I don't want anything because I dislike everything I have gotten from NYX so far...) Those blush looks nice but I have Jane (cheaper!) and Nars (more unique) so I am happy.
    Gooey and glitter...Yuck...I think the least gooey glitter liner I have tested are urban decay, but most of the shade they have only contain 1 color/type of glitter so I am not that interested (although their color is pretty)anyway, I like those Starry Night kind of effect.
    I like how those Urban Decay ones (in the tube) but I wish they comes to some multi dimensional ones...I might pick one up if their F&F sale comes.

  8. smmmitten:
    Certain nars shadow totally kick @$$ when used as a liner, I think I like them even better than Stila eyeshadow or even smudge pots...

    I use Stila #13 one step eyeliner brush with long handle (it's a kind of "push" liner brush but I call that particular brush "poke" eyeliner brush) sometime I use the short/silver handle one if I want a finer and more diffused/natural look.

    For some reason, I find those flat tipped brush very easy to work with if I want to tight line (I nailed it the first time I try the Stila brush) I think Stila, Laura Mercier, Nars all have that kind of brush...And if you don't like poking your eye out, Laura Mercier brush looks/feels pretty nice.

    Just watch out for the flat one with squiggly handle from Sonia Kashuk, it's expensive (10 bucks)and the head fell off after 1 washes in my case...

  9. To be honest I'm not into glitter, esp liners, they never work for me.

  10. Gio:
    Yeah, glitter can be a little bit too much sometime. (Liner is the only way I know how to wear glitter as I have a tendency to pick those out when they are in nail polish...)


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