Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Milani Eyeshadow: Shock and Golden Bronze

Milani cosmetics are either hit or miss to me. For example, the gray nail polish released in spring was a big hit for me so is the nail polish from Welcome Back Color collection while at the same time, I can't forget how much I hated their baked eyeshadow and the gaudy egg yolk colored nail color from their permanent line.
Milani eyeshadow (only available in Walgreen's nowadays) is a pleasant surprise though. Actually I have read really good reviews on these in many places so I decided to try them out. I got two of the shadow: Shock (red based purple with duo chrome) and Golden Bronze (brown/bronze with a touch of gold). Both colors are very pigmented and have a nice silky texture without being dusty I can't say there is anything I don't like about it beside the fact that they can't be used as eyeliner (but then again allover/eyeliner are the only 2 ways I put on eyeshadow).

Oh, the lids are a bit difficult to open as well...


  1. I have both shades and you're right, they are pigmented and I actually depotted them! I also find the packaging quite difficult to open :)

  2. the two are definitely colours I would purchase...although I might already have those colours in another different brand hahahahah

  3. I have like twelve of those eyeshadows and only one or two are bad, I love 'em the colors are amazing and very pigmented. I have those two colors too and I'd say are two of the best shades of that line.

  4. Nikki:
    I am not very good at depotting (and I don't have a palette) so I probably won't try.

    I think the purple one is kind of unique (but the finish is kind of like mac eyeshadow though.)

    It's nice to know I picked the "right" ones.


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