Thursday, October 29, 2009

Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner

These eyeliner comes with a cute bottle and some pretty colors.
Each of them retails for (around) 17-18 bucks which looks like the standard point for eyeliner at Sephora. Although these colors are pretty, I definitely prefer those eyeliner from Jemma Kidd because their finish is brighter and more metallic.
Shattered is the most popping/vibrant one I swatches and the famous smog (love the the eyeshadow in that shade!) seems to dried out already due to over popularity. Roach (a reddish, plummy brown) looks quite unique as well, I guess it will look great as a base for the plum side of Nars Habanera duo. Ecstasy and minx is my favorite from this row but I doubt I would buy any from this because I usually don't spend big buck on liquid eyeliner (gel eyeliner is OK though) since will dry out before I know it.


  1. Wow, Minx and Shattered are gorgeous! Through I'd probably just buy the black one because I'm simple, haha. :D

    Anyway, Citrine, I actually haven't had a request since the Lolita manicure! Don't bother altering the snowflake design to include seashells; I'd love to take your Mermaid request and come up with something fresh. I'm very intrigued by your idea. Expect to see something soon. ;)

  2. There's some gorgeous colours there. I love crash and ectasy. I don't usually buy liquid eyeliners but I would be tempted to splurge on the crash one as it looks like a colour you could wear quite a bit.

  3. Asami:
    Wow, it's awesome that you are doing a mermaid nail...(minx itself sort of a mermaid color too.)

    Montpellier Beauty Princess:
    Crash is indeed quite can almost do a very natural look with it.

  4. Wow Smog doesn't look very nice on your swatch. I have it I think it is brighter and glittery-er. Minx is definitely to die for!!

  5. The bottle of smog I tried actually dried out and settled because it was too popular.

  6. I had 2 of these,they dry out VERY fast,not worth the big bucks imho!


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