Thursday, October 08, 2009

Rimmel Stronger Nail Base Coat and Strengthener

Nail color base is absolutely necessary for me whenever I am not too lazy as it prevent staining and creates a smooth base for nail color. I usually don't bother reviewing base or top coat on this blog because there aren't that big of a difference anyway. I really liked the Sally Hansen complete care base and top coat as it's smooth out the nail surface without being too thick or gooey (it's the least gooey base/top coat I have ever tried) but I found it a bit too steep (over 10 bucks!) for a drugstore products.

So I got this Rimmel to see how it works. The milky, semi opaque liquid has some tiny speck of diamond (unlike gold which can melt and solidify into a big chunk, diamond's price depends largely on the size of the gem stone, so no need to feel special, the diamond here are practically worthless) that looks quite pretty.

While the base coat is pink and shimmery in the bottle, it just shows up clear unless you are looking at your finger tip very attentively. What I really like about this base coat is the finish, while it's not as light textured, shiny like the Sally Hansen Complete Care it's a lot better than the clear polish in the price range of 4-6 dollars while it's usually less than 3 bucks. (It's even better when there are 2 dollar off sale going on!) Trust me, I have used plenty of nasty clear nail polishes.


  1. wow..just the base coat itself looks super pretty!!!!

  2. Rimmel nail polish also seems to last very well without chipping, even the 60 second polish. With lots of the other cheaper brands I find they can get a chipped after a day or so of wearing them.


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