Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sally Hansen Complete Care Nail Treatment

Why do I even bother...it's just a top coat. But anyway. the bottle is pretty cute and the finish is quite natural.

How much different can it be, it's just a clear coat...Well, at least this one is thinner than most of the other clear nail polish I've tried (I have quite a few of them, all from Sally Hansen though...) . I can't tell the "extra moisture" part, since don't clear polish all look wet ?

The main reason I bought it because it came with a bottle of vitamin-E cuticle oil (4 bucks by itself) I use it when I am too lazy to rub in the cuticle cream.


  1. I've never seen the first one, that's a very cute bottle from Sally Hansen.

  2. That sounds nice. Have you tried it yet?

  3. Hey Nikki:
    I bet it takes a while before it gets to other parts of teh globe...this clear coat is more expensive (10 bucks fro the least)than anyother ones from Sally hansen though...I think the finish is slightly prettier than the other ones I've tried. But again, not a big differnce if it's used as base or top coat though...

    Hey Pixie:
    You mean...Have I tried "this"? The nail polish right?

    I have a tendency to take picture of products before I use too much of them...but it usually takes me quite a few months between taking the picture and posting up review...

    The base coat is pretty good I guess...I don't get the mosturizinhg part that much, since I don't get to damage them that often (I keep colored polish for 2 days maximum, mostly just a day...) Plus, nail are just dead skin cells...it can't bring completly harmed nail back to life I am sure...



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