Saturday, October 17, 2009

Maybelline Eyeshadow Turquoise Jewel

Whenever I am bored, beside sitting on the edge of a table and knocking my knee with a fist and watch the reflect (I must be really bored then), I like to go to makeup alley and search for the A rated products from a brand that I don't normally buy (that's how I ended up with the Nars Pandora duo) and during my last bored out surfing, I found a Maybeline shadow that has something like a 90% re-buy rate.

The Maybelline shadow single is called Turquoise Jewel. I love anything that's teal (green and purple!) and this shadow is only a dollar after a 2 dollars off coupon, I guess even if I hate it, it's totally harmless consider how much junk drink (Gatorade, Sprite, Dr.Pepper and bottled green tea) I consume.
The color itself is quite pretty and it's easy to get the color out. It would make a perfect match for Anna Sui metallic eye color 100 (a teal color the brand is quite famous for). However, I don't like the texture that much though, the texture seems a tad bit gritty and crumbly (compared to Nars/Stila/Urban Decay...Highend brands shadow I have tried) and if I use the includes sponge applicator to dig it out, there is like a huge patch just collapse and fall out.

Anyway, I am not too trilled about it although the color isn't that bad I think Jane is much nicer brand when it comes to cheap shadow.


  1. I haven't tried any single shadows from Maybelline but I heard its more pigmented than the quads? I'm not sure why those individuals aren't sold down here, probably they know it's not saleable as compared to the quads.

  2. haha...i do the knee thing too...except not because i'm bored, but because i still can't seem to find the spot!
    Or maybe I just don't have any reflexes...

  3. I don't have any Maybelline eyeshadows cos I don't like the texture very much either. But that shade is beautiful!

  4. Nikki:
    I don't know about the quad but I doubt I will buy any (not even at 1 buck) after is quite pigmented though, too bad gritty texture is a no no for me.

    It's an inch right below your knee cat and you have to leave your leg completely suspended and relax to do I always sit on a table...

    yeah, in makeup alley they say it's a dupe for Urban Decay "shatter".


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