Thursday, August 06, 2009

Revlon Revlon Illuminance Crème / Cream Shadow

I kind of like Revlon lip gloss (then again, I kind of like all lip gloss in general since it's impossible for something that sheer to go wrong.) but their eyeshadow haven been garbage material for me as they are either too think, too chalky or too sheer. I have seen a certain youtube makeup guru (Xteeener) using this as a base for her eyeshadow almost every time so I got a bit interested and decided to give it a go when the always-going-on sale hit my local grocery store.

Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow in Wild Orchids (four pans of cream shadow in a palette that normally retails for around 5-6 dollars. ) was my first and only choice because the rest of the collection is pretty much just brown or neutral eyeshadow and I am in no way a fan of those colors . (For one thing, they don't look neutral on me at all. )

Since y skin tone is a bit on the cool side so a purple cream quad as a base would be handy if I want to cool down any purple shadows I have that are too red-based.
Wild Orchid Quad consist of differnt purple colors: pinkish lilac(nice base), blue based lilac (good for cooling down any lilac shadow or lilac that are too bland), pink based lilac and warm brownish plum(perfect paired with the plummy brown in Nars Habanera) . The first two have obviosu lilac shimmer/sheen while the last two have more of a golden sheen.

At first I plan to use this quad as a base to enhance and stick to the powdered eyeshadow as I didn't expect too much from a $2.50 quad. (the after-coupon price in my local grocery store.) But the four shades actually looks pretty nice by themselves. The shadow have a creamy slick texture that doesn't feel too oily. While it might be good for sticking to an eyeshadow, if I apply it straight to the eyes without primer, this would also slick right off, grabbing the power eyeshadow with it.

Overall, I guess it's not something I want to throw into garbage but I really wouldn't want to buy another one either (even for 2.5 dollars) as they are ...nothing exciting. Anyway, when it comes to cream eyeshadow: texture wise, Stila Mousse pot has so much thinner and it works better as layering piece. Color wise, I like Anna Sui Metallic eye color in 200.


  1. Nice review, I saw the same YT guru used it and got a few, but they crease as a base when I use loreal decrease primer. It's nothing exciting for real.:)

  2. I have one of these too. I must say xteener makes it look really nice. I like mine, but honestly, it's not great quality. Cream shadows draw me in...

  3. the colour looks pretty ok for me, and it seems to spread quite evenly on your hand. is it the same on your lids?

  4. Rayqueenbee:
    It's really boring for a cream shadow. I am OK with the purchase as the cool color is actually useful bring out some shadow I have with very thin texture...I personally don't get how she (Xteeener) can blend the powder shadow on top of it as it gets so thick, gunky, slippery.

    If you like cream shadow, I haven't tried too many brands, but Shiseido Hydro powder eyeshadow has really nice texture/shades...They look really darn good alone too. (For layering purposes, I love stila mousse pot but they are discontinued.)

    I have no problem with it spreading evenly on my eyes but I hate the "silky-slick" texture it has and the fact that I cannot get a super sheer/metallic sheen with it or layering on top of a shadow. (This only works as a base but since it's really slippery. It not only glues on too much as a base/become cakey afterward and it also get slipped off very easily.)

  5. The colors look pretty but I don't really like cream eyeshadows as they crease on me.


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