Thursday, September 03, 2009

Fall 09 Collections from NYC, Sonia Kashuk and Maybeline

I think I mainly post these NYC pictures up just so that I can diss the brand.

Frankly scarlet(Edit: Apparently this is refer to Gone with the Wind, it seems a bit degrading when brands like NYC does it though. But then again I was a bit pissed when that tattoo lady named her palette Beethoven) ...Come on, at least the pink persuasion collection has a name that rimes.

These picture are a bit yellow, the blusher is a lot scarier in real life. And people actually buy that kind of plastic rhinestone to stick on their nails?

I tried one polish from this line a while ago. (Hate the formula)

The false eyelashes looks kind of nice though. At least they don't look cheap.

While in Target, Sonia Kashuk has yet another breast cancer brush collection for 20 bucks. (I have to admit, the coral reef are much catchier...People over Karen's MBB sound like that coral reef brush was such a good thing...but the brushes actually ended up in clearance basket here.)

I don't know how people have breast cancer is going to feel about those companies, do they really care about the patients and research? Probably not as long as they can make a few more bucks. (We all know breast cancer has enough attention on it's own.)

A smaller one for 13 bucks. I had gotten small sized Sonia Kashuk brushes, they are not nearly as good as the black handled (expensive) one.

Oh, a pink curler ($10), I think you are probably better off spending a couple more dollars on Shu Uemura though. Japanese engineering is quite unmatched at this moment.

Who's that girl with shiny lips? (She so looks like Josie Maran, the old old old Maybeline spoke model...She is Kemp Muhl according to google.)

All the maybeline glosses are quite sheer (sheer enough to make you want to toss it.) so I guess you have to wear something else to get that kind of color payoff.

Randomly, the model for Maybeline Color Sensational lipsticks looks a bit new...

It was Adirana Lima just a while ago!


  1. you are right! I thought she's Josie maran!!!! But I knew it shouldn't be her because she has her own line of cosmetics now :)

    Thanks for sharing, i wish NYC would come down here!

  2. xD lol ^
    the makeup bags look kinda ok but the brush look cheap. pity the maybeline glosses are sheer because that colour range looks really good.

  3. Hi, found your blog through a link`

    The whole idea of the NYC collection may be a bit... well, have you happened to test their lipstick? Hows the red? May I know?


  4. Nikki:
    Well, I really think that the brand NYC is just OK...I kind of like the lip slider (only "kind of") but I hate everything else I have tried.

    I think I might be just biased but I happen to hate all of maybeline product I own so far...(Their scent is annoying as well.) but most drugstore glosses are very sheer anyway (Maybeline is worse than all other drugstore gloss I have tried, but for people whose lip color isn't as red as mine, the color might show better.)

    I haven't (actually I don't plan to) tried any of those NYC lipstick because the color selection is all quite gaudy and the packaging is what I consider "eyesore"... If I don't like something to start with, I won't buy it no matter how cheap.

    But I saw somebody's swatch and it looks alright though, maybe you would like to check it out. (


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