Friday, June 12, 2009

Sally Hansen Flawless Hands Skin Brightening Hand Cream

I am currently in a hand cream kick so I grabbed a few (that I am too lazy to use...but anyway, at least I got tons of surface areas on my legs) . And I found that Sally Hansen has a new hand cream out with an SPF 20.

Beside the yellow tube, this is actually nothing like the Shea Butter Hand Cream I loved. The consistency is not as thick and creamy and the almond scent is now replaced by lavender (which I kind of hate, I mean, I rather go sniff parsley at grocery store.) As for the cream itself, it moisturizes well when it's not too dry and it doesn't leave a thick film, I just think it could be richer and linger on my hand for a few seconds longer before completely sink in (and leave a bit of that horrible scent behind).

Ingredients wise, it doesn't look too earth friendly(since the sunscreen are all chemical) but it has some natural ingredients like soybean extract, vitamin E, soluble collagen, grape seed oil, alba bark and some plant with only those official species name (that I am too lazy to check) I can't really tell what they do, but the hand cream itself seems to feel better on skin than normal thick cream.

Anyway, it's nice (a bit too expensive at 8 dollars) and should work pretty well during the warmer seasons.

P.S. Since I am getting that from the fishy CVS that sells expired hand cream , used/returned eyeshadow and another dried up funky smelling Burt's Bees hand cream that I just got yesterday (ewww, I totally need to report that store). I made sure this tube is fresh, it is! (Well, it has to be, since this particular type of hand cream is out this year.)

Off topic
I finally finished taking pictures of my brushes, I took them with plain background 2 months ago and thought the pictures are not good enough match for the awesome I re-took all of them and this time they are really nice! (You will see it in a few weeks.)

I pretty much got pretty burnt in the process, every summer I get so tan that there will be random people speaking Spanish to me...

This is what I got within a year and half (I get one or two each month, looking for discount here and there) I could actually stick 3,4 more brushes in the brush roll...


  1. i bought an expired item once from cvs. after that i made a point to check. :(

    great brush collection btw :)

  2. Really? CVS sells expired and used stuff?? ewww. I don't live near a CVS (the closest one is in an adjacent state) so I don't get to visit one very often.

    Nice brush collection! I spy lots of Stila brushes :)

  3. because of you I do check expiration date!


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