Wednesday, May 06, 2009

OPI Nail Color and Revlon Nail Treatment

I rarely buy light colored nail polish, if I want to have a soft and natural looking nail, I would just leave them bare...but the brain death moments come and go (and come back again) once in a while...So I do have a couple of nude colors poking around.

OPI Canberra't Without You (from the Australia collection way back when) Got it because I didn't have a milky neutral like that. It gives a milky color. I just don't get why it also has some uneven silver frost in it as well...It looks like fish scales...

Revlon Post Trauma Nail Treatment
I don't like revlon nail polishes at all, the two neutral I have look so cheap under broad daylight and the two limited edition (didn't even bother to review them) ..The brown was so muddy and the purple makes me look my skin look ashy and dead.

But this one was fresh out back in fall 2009 (edit: 2008, I am so delusional) , so I decided to give it a go when my nail isn't damaged in any sense. (Well, I paint them for the most 1 days out of a whole week and I don't do anything else to damage it.) I don't know what it repairs actually, but the finish is quite nice...a good alternative for clear polish for people who want their hands to look cleaned up but not fully-manicured.

They are Double Bleh...


  1. I don't like Revlon polishes either!! I usually don't wear nude colors but sometimes I just get in a nude for some mood haha I think Essie does Nudes the best.

  2. Haha fish scales... I agree with Audrie, Essie does nudes the best, but Essie chips so badly on me.

  3. hmm..i've never tried essie! thanks for sharing the swatch and the colors!


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